Isidor Dobrovic

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Isidor Dobrovic
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Born16 February 1841
Died31 July 1914
  • Merchant
  • Landowner
  • Philanthropist

Isidor Dobrović (Siklós, 16 February 1841 - Daruvar, 31 July 1914) was a merchant, landowner, philanthropist and the first president of the Serbian business association "Privrednik".[1]


His father was a craftsman, a gingerbread man in Velika Kanjiža (Somogy County). He studied trade in the famous shop of Vaso Marković in Pakrac. As a merchant and patriot, he realized that the living conditions of the Serbian people could not be improved without raising the appropriate, especially economic staff. He founded a fund for raising the Serbian economic youth (Beogradeske Trgovačke Omladine), whose funds amounted to about 240,000 Crown (currency). Every year, he paid the Serbian company Privrednik the amount of 2,000 Crown (currency). Numerous friends followed his example, donating money and founding donations.

As a participant in the conference of the founders of the Serbian Bank in Zagreb in 1894, convened on the occasion of the founding of the Zagreb Serbian Autonomous School, he proposed raising money, and he himself contributed funds for that purpose. He was the president of the Serbian Orthodox Church Municipality in Daruvar in 1899. Encouraged by its founding, together with Krsto Jokanović, Joco Ciganović and others, he built a Serbian school in Daruvar in 1899. [2]In his continuous assistance to Privrednik, he and his wife Hristina donated two houses and a large number of shares of Srpska banka in Zagreb worth about a quarter of a million dinars.[3]As one of the largest donors, he was a member of the Patronage of Businessmen's Benefactors.[4]He was also a member of an association called the Belgrade Merchant Youth or Beogradske Trgovačke Omladine.

Isidore died at the age of 73 in exile, a few days ago when the Ban of the Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia issued an order banning all work and all activities of Businessmen and according to which members of the Businessmen's Management Board were arrested and imprisoned after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that resulted in Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia, thus erupting into a World War I.


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