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Irishluck is an independent online platform that serves as a resource for casino enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts in Ireland. It has become a leading platform for Irish players seeking comprehensive information on casinos, sportsbooks, gaming reviews, news articles, and gaming strategies. Founded in 2016, Irishluck aims to provide transparent and easily digestible content for the gaming community. The platform is associated with Gaming Innovation Group and has a team of dedicated Irish experts passionate about gaming and committed to researching and evaluating the best casinos and sportsbooks licensed in Ireland.[1]


Irishluck platform offers a range of content, including news articles, game reviews, and guides, with a particular focus on the online casino and sportsbook landscape in Ireland. It operates under the Gaming Innovation Group umbrella and has garnered attention for its commitment to providing comprehensive information while maintaining transparency.[2]

Since its inception, Irishluck has experienced notable growth and transformation. The platform began with just five online casino reviews and introduced its distinctive Leprechaun mascot named, Paddy. Over time, Irishluck expanded its offerings to include a curated selection of online slot games, solidifying its presence in the online gambling community by 2017.[3]


2016 - Inception

Irishluck was founded in 2016 with a vision to offer Irish players a one-stop destination for reliable and comprehensive information on online casinos. It started modestly with just five online casino reviews and introduced its iconic Leprechaun mascot, Paddy.

2017 - Impressive Growth and Slot Additions

In its second year, Irishluck made remarkable progress by expanding its offerings. The platform began curating a selection of the best online slot games, cementing its reputation as a famous name in the online gambling community in Ireland.[4]

2018 - Sportsbook Expertise

Responding to player feedback and industry trends, Irishluck welcomed a dedicated sportsbook expert to its team in 2018. This strategic addition allowed the platform to extend its coverage to sports-related content tailored to the Irish market.[5]

2019 - Design Update and Resource Expansion

With a growing catalogue of over 100 casino and sportsbook reviews, Irishluck underwent a significant website redesign in 2019. The updated design enhanced the user experience and incorporated additional sections such as gambling guides and payment method information, providing valuable resources to help players navigate the world of online gaming.[6]


Irishluck has evolved into an online gambling portal for Irish players, with an extensive database of over 500 Irish casino reviews. The platform's focus remains centered on delivering an exceptional player experience.[7][8]


Irishluck consists of dedicated individuals who are experts in their field, each of whom from Ireland.

  • Siobhan Aslett: Irish Sportsbook Specialist
  • Cameron Murphy: Casino Expert
  • Dermot Heathcote: Online Casino Specialist

They also have guest writers:

  • Matthew Gover (Golf Specialist)
  • Eamon Doggett (Horse Racing Specialist)
  • Greg Lea (Football Specialist)
  • Farah Jassawalla (Responsible Gambling Specialist)
  • Kolade Adegoke (Online Slots Expert)
  • Seanie O’Brien (Casino Advisor).

According to Irishluck, these team members invest significant effort in researching and personally testing each casino and sportsbook while crafting reviews.


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