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Intelligent Diva
Intelligent Diva.jpeg
Chincia Kenner

Jacksonville, Florida
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Intelligent Diva Music
  • Diva Underground Records
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
ChildrenSuqura S. (daughter)
  • Brenda K. (mother)
RelativesJashua K. (Brother)

Intelligent Diva, born Chincia Kenner, is an American multi-talented singer, songwriter, lyricist, producer, model, actor, and entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Florida. Diva owns two independent record labels: Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records, and has her own music publishing company and merchandise store called IDM Merch Boutique. She is also building her music metaverse with her virtual city, which includes her virtual stage. Additionally, she is designing her video games with her music in the soundtrack.[1]

Diva's most famous music charting singles include Baby I Love You, Sex To A Sax, No Justice, User, So Sophisticated, Sinner's Prayer, Get With You, How To Flex, Pain, Stop Calling Me, Go Home, and Sexy Walk.[2]

Early life and education

Diva was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She grew up singing in the church choir and later performed as a background singer in Dexheim, Germany.[3]

Before venturing into the music industry, Diva was a software test lead and won the IT Excellence Award. She is also a professional hair stylist, having received her braider's license from Jacksonville Beauty Institute.[4]


In 2018, Diva established her independent record label, Intelligent Diva Music.[5] Focusing on all the significant contributors to the music industry, creating original music and content, Diva's record label includes music artists, voice actors, actresses, and actors.[6]

In 2021, Diva launched her second label, Diva Underground Records, a digital streaming label.[7] Through her label, Diva focuses on creating digital products that include original music and digital art. These products are from indie artists and include digital content, original video games, digital art, and NFTs, launched in alignment with the release of the music. Diva has trademarked her brand under Intelligent Diva and created her 3D animation character, music videos, and branded merchandise store IDM Merch Boutique. She is also building her music metaverse, complete with a virtual city that includes a virtual stage for her performances, tours, contests, music videos, and fashion shows. Furthermore, she is designing video games that have her music in the video game soundtrack.[8]

Diva specializes in various music genres, including pop, hip-hop, R&B, urban Latin, contemporary gospel, and gospel rap.[9] She showcases her range of writing skills in her music by performing her leads and background vocals.[10]

Diva has released 23 singles, 1 EP, and one album. In addition to a long list of charting singles across various music charts worldwide, Diva has achieved three Billboard hits with "Sinner's Prayer," "Baby I Love You," and "User."[11] Her first number 1 single was "No Justice" on the IRMIX Top 20 Countdown, and her second number 1 single was "Sex to a Sax," which landed the #1 position in the US on the World Indie Chart and was #2 on the Top 200 Euro Indie Chart. Diva also featured on the "Truth or Dare Remix" with Icy Land, Adrian Swish, and Sean Kingston, which landed at #10 on the I Tunes Chart in Austria. She has contributed hit records to the music industry as an indie artist, performing her leads and background vocals. Her catalog and brand consist of original music, and she is also known for releasing features alongside artists such as Sean Kingston and Icy Lando.[12]

In 2022, Diva released four singles and an EP called "Stop Calling Me," all of which charted. Diva also manages music artist Paul Askew, who hit Billboard at #1 with his first single, "Save Me."[13]

Awards and recognitions

  • Diva has been credited as the Winner of the IT Excellence Award (2014)
  • She received Song of the Year, Grammy Consideration for Single-Sex to A Sax (2021)
  • Credited with three Billboard hits, "Sinner's Prayer," "Baby I Love You," and "User," on R&B, Mainstream, and Hip Hop
  • The single Sinner's Prayer charted at #11 amongst the Top 50 Gospel Airplay
  • The single Stop Calling Me charted at #13 amongst the Top 50 Rock Airplay
  • Single Lo Que Me Gusta Nominated for Best Latin Single at W.A.M (2020)
  • Received the Rampage Award Consideration as Indie Songwriter for Best Rock Song "Stop Calling Me" (2022)
  • Credited with the Rampage Award Consideration as Indie Songwriter for Best Pop Song: "Bad Attitude" (2022)



Seduction album released in 2020 by Intelligent Diva


  • Boyshorts (2020)
  • Submit To You (2020)
  • Sexy Walk (2020)
  • Lo Que Me Gusta (2020)
  • Ice Cream (2020)
  • Love Letter (2020)
  • No Justice (2021)
  • Not Making Love (2021)
  • Operating room (2021)
  • Your Love is Dope (2021)
  • Work It Out Now (2021)
  • Sex to a Sax (2021)
  • In My Feelings (2021)
  • Sinner’s Prayer (2022)
  • Get With You (2022)
  • So Sophisticated (2022)
  • User (2022)
  • How to Flex (2022)


  • Stop Calling Me (2022)

In the media



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