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Inside The Ropes
News Media Company
FounderInside the rope, ltd

Inside The Ropes is a professional wrestling news and media company based in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded as a weekly wrestling podcast in January 2012. Inside The Ropes is made up of a wrestling news website, a podcast network, a published magazine (Inside The Ropes Magazine) and live events.

In 2012, Kenny McIntosh and Robert Duffin launched Inside The Ropes as a weekly live radio show on the University of Strathclyde's radio station "Strathclyde Fusion". This was the home of the show until August 2013. The show then moved to BlogTalkRadio where it remained as a live show until June 2014 when Inside The Ropes became a pre-recorded weekly wrestling re-cap show. In 2015, Robert Duffin left Inside The Ropes to concentrate on his career in teaching.

Inside The Ropes Live

In 2013, Inside The Ropes began promoting live events under the banner of "Inside The Ropes Live" (later shortened to just "ITR Live"). The shows feature former (and sometimes contracted) personnel from some of the world's biggest professional wrestling organisations, including WWE and All Elite Wrestling|AEW. Initially starting as "one night only" shows in the company's home base of Glasgow, the initial events were popular enough that two years later, the company decided to branch out to the rest of the United Kingdom|UK and Ireland, with their first full tour coming in October 2015 when they promoted "STING!", a three-night tour with professional wrestling legend Sting (wrestler)|Sting.[1] The format of the live shows is a meet and greet with photography, exclusive to VIP ticket holders, followed by an on-stage interview-style show. The shows are hosted by Inside The Ropes promoter Kenny McIntosh, in which McIntosh will ask questions about the career, the experiences and the real lives of the guest. The shows sometimes end with a "Q&A" from the paying crowd in which fans get to ask questions themselves. The 2018 tour with Chris Jericho, however, did not have Kenny McIntosh on-stage as part of the show.[2] Inside The Ropes has also held occasional one-off shows in the United States.[3] In 2020, Inside The Ropes Live was halted as a brand due to the Coronavirus disease 2019|coronavirus pandemic. The company plans to resume events in 2021.

Tour Dates

Guest Date Location Tour Name Notes Ref.
Diamond Dallas Page July 4, 2013 Glasgow, Scotland N/A First event N/A
Colt Cabana August 19, 2013 Glasgow, Scotland N/A N/A
Sunny November 14, 2013 Glasgow, Scotland N/A N/A
Jim Cornette February 14, 2014 Glasgow, Scotland N/A N/A
Sting (wrestler)|Sting October 5, 2015 London, England STING! First UK tour [1]
October 6, 2015 Manchester, England
October 7, 2015 Glasgow, Scotland
Scott Steiner March 21, 2016 London, England Scott Steiner:


First four-night tour [4]
March 22, 2016 Manchester, England
March 23, 2016 Belfast, Northern Ireland
March 24, 2016 Glasgow, Scotland
Paul Heyman July 12, 2016 London, England Advocate of Extreme [5]
July 13, 2016 Manchester, England
July 15, 2016 Glasgow, Scotland
Eric Bischoff August 25, 2016 Glasgow, Scotland The King of Controversy N/A
Jim Ross and

Jim Cornette

October 5, 2016 London, England The Rise & Fall of the Attitude Era N/A
Cody Rhodes October 9, 2016 Manchester, England An Evening of Smoke & Mirrors First show in Ireland [6]
October 11, 2016 Cork, Ireland
Matt Hardy November 28, 2016 London, England The International Deletion Tour First UK & Ireland tour [6]
November 29, 2016 Manchester, England
December 4, 2016 Glasgow, Scotland
December 5, 2016 Cork, Ireland
Wade Barrett|Stu Bennett April 25, 2017 Cork, Ireland The Bullhammer Tour [7]
April 26, 2017 London, England
April 27, 2017 Manchester, England
April 28, 2017 Glasgow, Scotland
Alberto El Patron May 1, 2017 Birmingham, England DESTINY! An Uncensored Evening

With Alberto El Patron

Cancelled due to illness [8]
Chris Jericho June 7, 2017 Belfast, Northern Ireland The Words of Jericho First leg of two-leg tour N/A
June 8, 2017 Dublin, Ireland
Bill Goldberg|Goldberg June 26, 2017 Glasgow, Scotland YOU'RE NEXT! [7]
June 27, 2017 Manchester, England
July 2, 2017 London, England
Kevin Nash November 20, 2017 London, England An Evening With Big Daddy Cool N/A
Scott Hall December 3, 2017 Glasgow, Scotland OOZING MACHISMO N/A
Shawn Michaels January 15, 2018 Dublin, Ireland The Showstopper Tour First five-night tour [9]
January 16, 2018 Belfast, Northern Ireland
January 17, 2018 Manchester, England
January 18, 2018 London, England
January 19, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland
Paul Heyman April 5, 2018 LA An Evening With Paul Heyman First show in the United States [3]
James Ellsworth May 1, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland An Evening With James Ellsworth [10]
Chris Jericho May 21, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland The Words of Jericho Second leg of two-leg tour [11]
May 22, 2018 Manchester, England
May 23, 2018 London, England
Jim Ross June 25, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland The Slobberknocker Sessions [12]
June 26, 2018 Newcastle, England
June 27, 2018 Birmingham, England
June 29, 2018 Limerick, Ireland
June 30, 2018 Galway, Ireland
Pat Patterson (wrestler)|Pat Patterson September 6, 2018 Glasgow, England Inside The Mind of the Federation:

An Evening With Pat Patterson

September 11, 2018 London, England
Edge (wrestler)|Edge November 10, 2018 Belfast, Northern Ireland Living on the EDGE:

An Evening With Adam Copeland

This tour was rescheduled twice. First due to

scheduling conflicts on the TV show, Vikings (2013 TV series)|Vikings

and then a second time due to the death of

Edge's mother.

November 11, 2018 Dublin, Ireland
November 12, 2018 London, England
November 13, 2018 Manchester, England
November 14, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland
Cody Rhodes and

Brandi Rhodes

December 10, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland Mr & Mrs American Nightmare

An Evening With Cody & Brandi Rhodes

December 11, 2018 Dublin, Ireland
Dustin Rhodes March 5, 2019 Birmingham, England Cross Rhodes [15]
March 6, 2019 Manchester, England
March 7, 2019 Glasgow, Scotland
March 8, 2019 Belfast, Northern Ireland
March 9, 2019 London, England
Mick Foley

(with meet and greet with

The Undertaker)

April 29, 2019 Manchester, England Tales From Hell - The Rise of the Taker This tour was initially scheduled to be with

The Undertaker, however, the tour was

re-scheduled with Mick Foley. The Undertaker

did appear during the meet and greet

portion of the show.

April 30, 2019 London, England
May 1, 2019 Glasgow, Scotland
Dustin Rhodes May 26, 2019 Paradise, Nevada|NV Inside The Ropes with Dustin Rhodes This show as part of the Starrcast

fan-convention held during the weekend of

All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing (2019)|Double or Nothing


Booker T (wrestler)|Booker T July 1, 2019 London, England The Heat from Harlem:

An Evening With Booker T

Cancelled N/A
July 2, 2019 Manchester, England
July 3, 2019 Glasgow, Scotland
July 4, 2019 Dublin, Ireland
July 5, 2019 Cork, Ireland
Awesome Kong August 19, 2019 Birmingham, England An Evening With Awesome Kong:

The Welfare Queen in GLOW (TV series)|GLOW

August 20, 2019 Manchester, England
August 21, 2019 Glasgow, Scotland
August 22, 2019 London, England
Bret Hart October 9, 2019 Belfast, Northern Ireland Hitman:

An Evening With Bret Hart

First six-night tour. [20]
October 10, 2019 Dublin, Ireland
October 11, 2019 Cork, Ireland
October 13, 2019 Manchester, England
October 14, 2019 Glasgow, Scotland
October 16, 2019 London, England
Mick Foley December 3, 2019 Glasgow, Scotland The Nice Day Tour First show in Wales. [21]
December 4, 2019 Cardiff, Wales
Jim Ross and

Conrad Thompson|Conrad Thomspon

February 7, 2020 London, England Grilling JR Live Special live editions of the

Grilling JR podcast.

February 8, 2020 Manchester, England
February 9, 2020 Glasgow, Scotland
Kenny Omega April 17, 2020 Glasgow, Scotland Goodbye & Goodnight:

An Evening With Kenny Omega

Cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic [22][23]
April 19, 2020 London, England
Trish Stratus April 20, 2020 London, England One Night Only: Trish Stratus Cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic [23][24]
Kevin Owens Glasgow, Scotland One Night Only: Kevin Owens First show of the "one-night-only" brand.

Originally advertised for March 20, 2020

before being rescheduled to June 5, 2020.

It was rescheduled a third time for

November 5, 2020 before being postponed

due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event

is still planned to go ahead.


Inside The Ropes Magazine

In September 2020, Inside The Ropes launched Inside The Ropes Magazine[28]. The magazine is the spiritual successor to Power Slam, which ran from 1994 - 2014 and was edited by Findlay "Fin" Martin. Martin is a contributor for Inside The Ropes Magazine. The magazine is an independent non-kayfabe professional wrestling magazine which is published in the United Kingdom by Titan Insider Press. Its editor is Dante Richardson, aka James Dixon.

The magazine covers several professional wrestling organisations, including WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor (ROH).

The publication has a nostalgia theme, with a cover layout similar to the old WWE Magazine|WWF Magazine, and its articles regularly follow a retro-based design. It is released monthly, and uses some of Power Slam's old features, including "Mat Musings" and "What's Going Down?". It is distributed mainly online through their website, but is available in stores in Australia, Ireland and in several Barnes & Noble stores in the United States.

It produces the annual ITR 50, the spiritual successor to the PS 50 and the annual ITR Awards.

In September 2020, Inside The Ropes launched, a non-kayfabe professional wrestling news media website. The website produces factual news stories dealing with the behind the scenes ongoings and lives of professional wrestling and its wrestlers and personnel.


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