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IncNut Digital
Founded2012; 12 years ago (2012)
  • Chaitanya Nallan
  • Sangram Simha
  • Veerendra Shivhare
Andhra Pradesh

IncNut Digital is an Indian startup that offers services in personal care, wellness, fashion, and parental and pregnancy-related guidance.[1] The beauty tech firm operates on a vision to reshape the cosmetic industry through data-enabled, customizable personal care.[2] Headquartered in Hyderabad, IncNut Digital also has a base in Bengaluru.[3]

Founded in 2012, IncNut Digital is currently the parent company for online media platforms StyleCraze and MomJunction and direct-to-consumer ventures, SkinKraft Laboratories and Vedix.[4][5] StyleCraze and MomJunction attract around 50 million monthly readers from around the world. IncNut is a women centric lifestyle brand that focuses on everyday issues of modern, new age women. IncNut also facilitates a lifestyle blog providing original content by industry experts.[6]

IncNut focuses on building a widespread community that addresses women-related issues by creating online communities. The idea behind the inception of such communities is to enable women to get useful information regarding lifestyle content in one place.[7]

IncNut has been widely accepted by women around the globe and has been featured in a number of media outlets including The Times of India, CNBC, The Hindu Business Line, Your Story and others.


IncNut Digital was founded in 2012 by Chaitanya Nallan, Sangram Simha and Veerendra Shivhare. The first website that IncNut launched was in 2012 which soon gained recognition amongst the female community around India and abroad. With its success, IncNut in two years launched another website once again targeting women. This time around the idea was to run a customised a website that addressed the issues related to pregnancy and aimed to provide important information to the soon-to-be-moms. This parenting website by IncNut was launched in 2014 and was named After a hiatus of four years, IncNut came up with a new idea in 2018. The firm launched SkinKraft, a line of customized skin care products following Vedix, a line of customized hair care products. SkinKraft is one of India's first customized skin care regimen with a unique SkinID program that is designed in collaboration with dermato-cosmetologists, pharmacists, and formulators.[8]


StyleCraze is a beauty and wellness website that provides curated content around beauty, fashion, health and wellness, celebrity news, skin care and makeup for women. MomJunction works as a virtual conservatory of information related to pregnancy, parenting, motherhood, and lifestyle for new parents. StyleCraze and MomJunction attract around 50 million monthly readers from around the world.


Stylecraze is the debut website of IncNut Digital and was launched along with the inception of this company. Stylecraze is designed for women aging from 18 to 28 years old. This website primarily focuses on health & wellness, skin care, hair care, makeup, hairstyles, and fashion. From product reviews to detailed expert blog posts Stylecraze aims at addressing all the beauty and healthcare problems faced by women. In a period of 8 years, Stylecraze has developed a substantial readership across the globe, having over 7.5 million social media followers.


MomJunction was launched two years after StyleCraze, and has become one of IncNut’s fastest growing websites. This website focuses on pregnancy and parenting, and in a span of 6 years, this website has become one of the most trusted sites for soon to be moms. This website provides content on every stage of parenthood, from pre-natal to post-delivery care, relationship advice and more. It has become a closed community for mothers offering much needed guidance curated by experts.


SkinKraft is India's first customized skin care regimen.[9] It is one among the new generation of companies that provide customised skin care solutions by leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).[10] Founded in 2017, SkinKraft opened online retail sales in 2018 , and was the first in India to offer personalised skin care through holistic dermatological assessment.[11] SkinKraft received the Cosmo India Beauty Award in 2019 for launching breakthrough products that revolutionized personal care.[12]


With the successful stride of SkinKraft, IncNut launched Vedix in 2018 with an aim to reinvent the modern hair care regimen.[13] It is the first data-driven cosmetic service globally to combine Ayurveda and technology for personalized results.[14] Vedix delivers customized hair care products with the help of user responses recorded through online questionnaires.


IncNut has raised a total of $4 million till now in two rounds, and is funded by two investors namely RPSG Ventures and VenturEast.[15] In 2013, IncNut raised seed funding of around 50 lakhs from early-stage investor, Ventureast.[16] In 2019, Ventureast sold its stake to the Japan-based consumer internet company, istyle Inc. in a secondary transaction worth around $3.4 million.[17] The latest funding received by IncNut was in a Series A round in 2020.[18]

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