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Imani Wj Wright
Imani Wj Wright.JPG
Born (1998-10-14) October 14, 1998 (age 25)
Baltimore, Maryland
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Alma mater
  • Carver Center for Arts & Technology
  • Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University
Years active2017-Present
  • Critiques by SwanoDown (Owner/Reporter/Writer)
  • The Afro-American Newspapers (Reporter/Writer)
  • The Baltimore Times (Reporter/Writer)
Known forCritiques by SwanoDown
RelativesClinton "Buddy" Wike (Cousin)

Imani Wj Wright (born 14 October 1998) is an American singer-songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and multimedia journalist.[1][2] He is the founder of SwanoDown, a clothing line, blog, and production company that incorporates concepts of idealism, virtuosity, and progression in its products. Wright specializes in R&B and soul music and is best known musically for his song 'So I Thought'.[3][4]

Wright is widely recognized for his music blog, Critiques by SwanoDown, that comprises several articles based on a wide range of genres including R&B, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Rock.[5] Wright has collaborated with several artists such as H.E.R., Mark Pelli, Mr.Dalvin, and other renowned personalities in the industry while writing for his blog.[6] He is also a contributing writer at The Afro-American Newspapers and a former writer for The Baltimore Times. He's also been featured in Forbes India.[7]

Wright has been the recipient of a Johns Hopkins Outstanding Performance Award.[8]

Early life and education

Wright was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1998.[9] Wright was inclined towards music from a very young age and started practicing when he was 3 years old. During his high-school years, at Carver Center for Arts and Technology, Wright was even voted Male Singer of the year.[10][11]

He was offered a scholarship based on his talent by the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University, where he received intense private lessons in Voice, Piano, and Music Theory.[12] Wright also studied with the Washington National Opera, under their Opera Institute.


Wright commenced his career in 2017 when he founded his music label, I Wright Music, and founded SwanoDown, an online apparel store. In 2018, Wright became a music critic at Stereo Stickman, an independent online music magazine based in London. Wright worked for over a year with this magazine contributing to several featured articles and interviews. In the same year, Wright also wrote for The Baltimore Times.

Wright was appointed as an entertainment specialist at the Afro-American Newspapers in 2019. The Afro-American Newspapers is a leading media outlet that focuses on sharing the accomplishments of people of color and covers a range of topics from the Black perspective.[13]

Wright has performed in over ten cities across the USA and has interacted with famous artists including Travis Scott, Pusha T, and Khalid.[14] In 2019, he also did a headlining show at the Kennedy Center, reflecting the essence of Opera, Jazz, and R&B music.[15] This performance was later selected to be apart of the Kennedy Center's Black Culture Matters campaign, at the beginning of 2020.[16]

Wright is also a TED Speaker. He shared his views on the intermingling of music and writing at York College of Pennsylvania. This talk focused on highlighting some of the keys to breaking writer's block, and the subtle prejudice involved with being a Black writer.[17]


  • Recipient of Johns Hopkins Outstanding Performance Award.[18]
  • Honored by the Lyric Opera House of Baltimore for writing the storyline of an opera titled "Industrial Love"


S.No. Title Released
1 Lady[19] 2017
2 Started[20] 2017
3 Unplanned 2017
4 Appreciation 2017
5 Consistency[21] 2017
6 Coffee Cup 2018
7 Envy 2018
8 No Fair[22] 2018
9 Home 2018
10 So I thought[23] 2019
11 Lately 2019
12 "Imani Wj Wright Live at The Kennedy Center[24] 2020

In the media




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