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Matthew Ryan Kerley.JPG
Matthew Ryan Kerley

(1987-12-18) December 18, 1987 (age 36)
Salisbury, North Carolina
Other namesHylynd
CitizenshipUnited States
Musical career
Background information

Matthew Ryan Kerley (born on 18 December 1987) better known professionally as Hylynd, is a musical artist, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. Hylynd is best known for his music style combining nineties and modern pop music. Born before the internet gained massive influence, his music caters primarily to Millennials’ & Generation Z’s preferences.[1]

Hylynd has signed non-exclusive music publishing deals with several music agencies and groups. His audience often recognizes him from his feature on Sony published, “Falcon Mixtape’s - Motor City Classix.” The singer currently has more than 50,000 monthly online listeners praising his vocal range, colorful melodies and timeless songs.[2]

Born in Salisbury, North Carolina, the singer currently resides in the Woodlands, TX. He has often been seen performing live at festivals and clubs regionally and nationally.[3]

Early life

Hylynd was born as Matthew Ryan Kerley on 18 December 1987 in North Carolina to David Kerley and Tammy Hill. With a zeal for creativity, he graduated from Harrison Arts Center in Lakeland, Florida. He grew up with his sister in a musically-inclined environment from their early years. He sang in churches around the United States and later became the worship leader at the Loft Church.

Matthew Ryan Kerley’s love for music started when he began playing drums at two years old. He went on to become a seasoned vocalist, pianist and guitarist. He then began songwriting and later made his forte creating a blend of classic synth and drum beats against modern pop and soulful melodies.


Hylynd's music career is thriving with his non-exclusive music publishing deals with Sonata, a branch of Soundscape Agency, 411 Music Group, and Audiio Music Group. He continues to gain recognition with over 18 singles, over 50,000 monthly listeners, and one EP out to date. Additionally, the Texas-based rising star has collaborated with Grammy-nominated and Hall of Fame vocal coach Jan Smith and Grammy-nominated King Michael Coy. Jan Smith commented, "Hylynd possesses a ridiculous talent and is a vocal athlete." Hylynd recently released his singles, "Glory Halle (Hallelujah)”[4] and “Crossfire” and has gained interest in his NFT project where he invited fans to own a piece of his music.[5]

Hylynd's single, "Hands," garnered two million streams and has become a theme song in numerous weddings all around the world. In the words of GasMaskMagazine, Hylynd has an "R&B Timberlake/Bieber vibe with his own twist."[6]

The Revue also wrote about him, saying, "This talent to produce such contrasting feelings in a short amount of time is a talent only a few artists have mastered…following in the footsteps of The Weeknd in merging electronic music, R&B, and hip hop with dazzling effects."

The Beat Foest commented, "Crafted out of nostalgic falsetto, sweeping synth patterns, and whimsical songwriting….a feel-good blend of 90's synth-pop over modern indie-tronica."

Los Angeles writers also took notice of Hylynd, saying, "This 34-year-old recording artist has swept audiences off their feet with his synthesized sound paired with his smooth and dreamy voice."

Verge Campus added, "With a cool, eerie vibe, HYLYND has managed to meld smooth R&B/Pop vocals with unique electronic production with great success."


Year Song Time
2017 Permanent Marks 4:02
2018 Hands 3:36
2018 Us Against the World 3:54
2018 Born in the Night 2:32
2018 Married to the Game 3:05
2018 Pleasure?[7] 3:40
2019 Fool 3:52
2019 F.F.T.L.I.W.F.F. 3:50
2019 Sexual Healing 3:15
2019 Wintersong 3:42
2020 That's What Love Is (Live) 2:15
2020 2x & 1/2 With You 3:36
2020 If You're Not the One (Live) 3:50
2020 Everyday Life (Live) 3:29
2020 F.F.T.L.I.W.F.F. (Acoustic) 3:39
2022 ’Crossfire' 3:27
2022 ’Glory Halle' (Hallelujah) 2:52


Personal life

The singer currently lives in Woodlands, TX with his wife, Jessica Kerley.


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