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HungryHippos NFT
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Developer(s)Ross, Nell

Hungry Hippos NFT is a community-driven project featuring a community vault and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It is a collection of 7,777 tokens with unique attributes inspired by pop culture and new-age art that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain.[1]

This NFT collection is specifically created to educate, instruct, and assist holders in some high-value industries in order to help them achieve financial independence through Real Estate, Investing, Networking, and other options. The primary idea behind the inception of this NFT project was to establish a community through networking and strategic business relationships.[2]


Ross, an engineer with a demonstrated history of working in drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, Social Media marketing, and marketing consultancy, along with Nell, a professional artist, animator, and graphic designer generated a collection of 7,777 tokens with unique qualities and traits.[3]

The Hungry Hippos NFT is a product of the fusion of urban art and metaverse. It features 'Hippos' with a twist, utilizing pop culture and new-age art combining modern and old styles to produce unique Hippo token classic fiction characters embellished with Nell the artist's street and graffiti styles.[4]


This NFT project also has a philanthropic angle of giving back to the Earth and its people. The Hippo Tokens that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, will have their proceeds going to the corresponding charities working to save the environment.[5]


The roadmap for the Hungry Hippos NFT begins with bringing together and building a team of artists, developers, and business partners who contribute to the creation of 7777 Unique Hungary Hippos.[6]

The following phase focuses on teaching and empowering the targeted community through the development of business partnerships and networking. This is accomplished through hosting virtual and live events. During this phase, guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds will debate and shed light on a variety of themes.[7]

In the third phase, the Originals Club Sale of 150 Hippos will take place. During this phase, the OC members will also receive exclusive benefits such as free merch, early voting rights, etc.[8]

The fourth phase will focus on building the brand by securing strategic partnerships and attracting potential holders. Following this, in the fifth phase, Hungry Hippos NFT will organize a Pre-Sale where 1500 Hippos will be made available for Whitelist members on Discord.[9]

In the sixth phase, the Original Club Holders who minted at least 5 Hippos and Pre-Sale Holders who minted 2 Hippos will be provided with an opportunity to enter into a Luxury Timepiece Giveaway challenge. (This Luxury Timepiece is valued at $5000).

The seventh phase will mark the beginning of a Public Sale where the remaining 6127 Hippos will be made available for sale on Discord. This phase will be followed by a Revealing Phase where prizes, giveaways, and other benefits will be announced.[10]

In the ninth phase, The Hungry Hippos NFT will drop its Merch Line, with the added benefit for the NFT holders of 30% off.

The tenth phase will mark the creation of HIPPOOL, a special fund created to save the Hippos, which will get 20% of the NFT's total sales as the community grows. The 20% of final sales will take place in this POOL.

In the eleventh phase, another giveaway will be organized by the Hungary Hippos NFT, that of a Luxury Electric Vehicle. All the verified holders will be able to participate in this giveaway contest.

During the twelfth phase, The Hungry Hippo Community will organize a retreat in San Diego for the Original Club Holders. There will also be limited seats for holders from the Pre-Sale and Public Sale phases. Following this, in the thirteenth phase, The Hungry Hippos will take at least 5 NFT holders on an all-paid trip to Hawaii, where a Reef Clean Up drive will also take place alongside social engagement events.

In the fourteenth phase, Hungry Hippos will begin launching quarterly Mini Meetups in different cities to further expand the community and provide networking opportunities to the holders.



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