Hisham Kharma

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Hisham Kharma
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Native name
هشام خرما
BornCairo, Egypt
  • producer
  • creative director
  • Piano
  • melodica
  • keyboard instrument
Years active2010-present
  • Sony Music
  • Virgin Megastores
WebsiteOfficial website
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Hisham Kharma is an Egyptian Music producer, Creative director, known for his live concerts in the Cairo Opera House, for his 2012 album AlyaQeen and the soundtrack for The End (Egyptian TV series).[1][2][3]

Early life and education

Kharma was born and raised in Cairo and lived between Miami, Hamburg and Dubai. Started playing piano at the age of 9. Kharma obtained his BS in Computer science from the The American University in Cairo and his postgraduate studies in art direction at Miami Ad School.[4][5]


Kharma began his musical career while studying at university, composing a set of pieces including the soundtrack Shams Al-Zenati film by musician Hany Shenouda. After graduation, started working in the field of advertising as a creative director, and known for his work on Ahl Masr Hospital for burns ad,[6][7] after this work he was granted the title of Humanity Burn Free ambassador, for the initiative of the Ahl Masr for burns and for composing the music of Shoof B'albak.[8][9]

In 2010, Kharma released his first official album, The First Voyage produced by Virgin Megastores,[10] and followed by his second album released under Sony Music Entertainment records, where he was chosen to represent Egypt at one of Sony Music albums of the musical series, Arabesque with musician Yanni and the Turkish musician Can Atilla.[11] In November 2016, released his third album, AlyaQeen, Consisting of 13 music pieces and took about 3 years preparing for it's release.[12][13] Kharma’s fourth album, Kun Released in 2019, and featured 10 pieces of music.[14][15]

In 2020, for the first time, Kharma participated in composing the soundtrack for The End (Egyptian TV series), the first Egyptian Science fiction (film and television) drama series.[16][17][18] That year, he composed the soundtrack for Mako, an Egyptian film adapted from the accident of the passenger ship, MV Salem Express that sank in the Red Sea in 1991.[19]

Kharma’s prominent collaborators include Yanni, Omar Khairat, Tanvi Shah and Can Atilla. In 2018, Kharma collaborated with Egyptian composer Omar Khairat, honoring the memory of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his moving memorial at Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt, where Khairat composed the Sunrise piece and Kharma composed the Sunset piece.[20][21][22] In the same year, Kharma composed the soundtrack for the opening and activities of the World Youth Forum held in Sharm El Sheikh.[23] Current collaborator, Tanvi Shah the indian playback singer in a recording work titled Born Free.[24][25][26]

Kharma launched a charitable initiative entitled "Law3andakDam", which means If you have a convenience by creating a website through which blood donors can be connected for free to those in need for the donation process, Ashoka Arab World Organization granted Kharma the Arab world initiative fellowship for his initiative to improve health in the Arab world.[27][28]


  • 2010, First Voyage
  • 2012, Arabesque
  • 2016, AlyaQeen
  • 2019, Kun


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