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High Horse House
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High Horse House is a collection of 10,000 amazing, unique digital horse artworks with the most gas efficient ERC-721 token.[1] The project holders can utilize their Horses as avatars in the metaverse and use it to unlock countless members-only benefits. A collection of 3D digital artwork stored on the blockchain, the HHH team is looking to make waves in the metaverse and reality with elite parties, engaging games, DAO voting, and jaw-dropping prizes.[2]


The collection commenced its minting on February 12th, 2022. The NFT project follows the timeline and narrative of a fictional group of horse characters that broke free and stumbled across a group of stoners. The horses started to take their first hit and began an adventure of psychedelic fun. The High Horse House storyline features Dr Von Derpus, who trapped the horses in a laboratory. But then the horses find freedom once again and start roaming the world, seeking far and wide forms of solace and pleasures. While some pretend to be horses on carousel rides, some are found stretching their legs in numerous sporting events or gluing cones to their foreheads, galloping through the woodlands in an attempt to go wild and scare random campers. Today, the magnificent steeds of High Horse House represent freedom, pride in being different, and not letting yourself be held back by those who wish the worst on you.[3]

The High Horse House NFT creator group has added a premium on safety. They have worked with some top cybersecurity experts to ensure personal security and provide holders with the most efficient gas fees. The mint price is 0.123 ETH + Gas fees.[4]

Apart from the NFT artwork drop, the HHH NFT collection will serve as the glue of a DAO to decide on party ideas, virtual events, and other community projects. The plan also has other high-level functionalities, including metaverse applications and breeding capacities for up to one mint for every pair.[5]

Once the project launches, the HHH team plans to hold a post-mint party with giveaways. The community will vote where they will hold the party, which will be streamed in the metaverse for High Horses worldwide to enjoy. In the giveaway, five winners will have the chance to win a large framed print of their horse or luxury cigar boxes filled with Cuban Cohibas. In addition, three will get the chance to win custom HHH 24k gold coins, and one lucky winner will get Mutant Ape Yacht Club #8393.[6]


The founding team has promised a 25% royalty pool that will go back into community efforts to help increase the NFT floor price and create coin longevity. The HHH wallet is a community wallet to be used for reinvesting sales and fueling the platform’s global takeover. HHH holds BAYC, MAYC and Neo Tokyo NFTs plus Sandbox and Decentraland Plots with monthly private events and house parties that all HHH holders can attend for free.[7]

Types and Attributes

The High Horse House NFT's 10,000 pieces have a unique characteristic, with all kinds of traits and mixed permutations to ensure each mint owner gets a unique artwork or set of artworks upon airdrop. In addition, some mints have been designated as rarities, offering higher value upon resale. There are 205 unique items for the High Horse House collection.[8]

Roadmap of High Horse House

Following the minting of 10,000 tokens, the project hopes to unveil a community wallet and open holder-only events and parties in the first quarter of 2022. Every token owner can expect a horse mating season in the upcoming months and can breed their High Horses and produce 1 Playa Pony. Token holders can also look forward to monthly private events and house parties, a share of 35% of all HHH society-owned virtual land, and more.[9]

By the end of the year, HHH aims to advance to DAO mode and allow holders to vote on decisions regarding the project’s trajectory. Regardless of the nature of its future endeavors, it commits to remaining 100% transparent, community-focused, and committed to creating a benefit-rich space for its members. The project developers are gearing up for their “secret milestone” that will enable the holders to stake their NFTs in exchange of $HORS tokens which will be used for the project’s upcoming arcade horse racing bonanza and future utilities like breeding.[10]

Phase two and phase three of the project will proceed in the second and fourth quarter of the year, respectively, where the team will be announcing other crucial elements of High Horse House and some other future additions.[11]



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