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Founded2017; 5 years ago (2017)
  • Perttu Ojansuu
  • Antero Hanhirova
HeadquartersHelsinki, Finland
Key people
  • Perttu Ojansuu
  • Antero Hanhirova
  • Lidia Lüttin
ServicesHappeo combines intranet, enterprise social networking, collaboration and targeted distribution of news into a single platform. Happeo re-defines the traditional intranet category by placing emphasis on 2-way communication between leaders and employees and the social-aspect. The platform enables a strong employee community and a high-performing digital culture where employees feel part of a team, feel their voice is heard and can crowd-source knowledge and information.

Happeo is an employee-communications platform founded by Perttu Ojansuu and Antero Hanhirova, with the aim to facilitate an intranet solution that combines features of an enterprise social network, digital workplace and collaboration tool.[1] It was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Helsinki.[2]

Since its inception, Happeo has worked with several prolific clients such as Trimble, WWF, and Randstad Sourceright. Happeo has also raised $20 million in funding for its operations.[3]

Happeo was named as one of the most promising startups by the European Union in 2017 and as one of Europe's hottest scale-ups by The Next Web and Adyen in 2019. It was also named a 2019 Cool Vendor by Gartner and the recipient of the RemoteTech Breakthrough Award, The Corporate Livewire Prestige Award, the Nordic Startup Awards Team, and the Top Rated Knowledge Management Software.[4]


Happeo was founded in 2017 by Perttu Ojansuu and Antero Hanhirova. Prior to that, the key people of Happeo founded Gapps, a startup that aimed to connect the businesses of Finland with secure integrations of Google Workspace products.[5] After working closely with their clients, the Gapps team identified a need for a better link between the various workplace productivity and communication tools, and for this Universe (now Happeo) was launched in 2016.

In 2017, Universe (now Happeo) became an independent private SaaS company offering advanced features. In 2018, Universe changed its name to Happeo, along with establishing company offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Cluj, Romania, and Chicago, USA.

Solutions and products

Intranet Software

The intranet software of Happeo allows the users to work in a secure digital environment. Not only that it reduces the extra work and helps in increasing productivity by compressing all the important information and tools on one platform. Happeo’s cloud-based intranet solution runs on a user-friendly interface thus offering a vast range of services such as two-way communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration and others. Happeo is also compatible with Google Workspace, which allows the user to do all their activities on a single digital platform thus centralizing all communication and collaboration.

Intranet CMS

Happeo’s intranet CMS is a web-based content management system that allows employees to manage their digital content all on one single platform: from creating and publishing internal content to updating, sharing, and archiving it. This system helps in increasing internal communication and employee engagement. The highlighting features of this platform are that it has multiple advanced search functions and advanced intranet analytics.[6]

Features by Happeo

  • Collaborative Channels
  • Intranet Pages
  • People Directory
  • Mobile Application
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Enterprise Search
  • Intranet Security
  • Advanced Intranet Analytics
  • Full-branding add on
  • Happeo API

Awards and recognition

  • Oct 2020 RemoteTech Breakthrough Award
  • Oct 2020 The Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards
  • Oct 2020 Nordic Startup Awards Team
  • Sep 2020 Software World: Top Rated Knowledge Management Software
  • 2019: The Next Web and Adyen named Happeo one of Europe's hottest scale-ups.
  • 2019: Happeo has been named a Cool Vendor in the "Cool Vendors for Connecting Digital Workplace Applications and Services"* report by Gartner


Happeo has raised $20 million since its inception in two funding rounds. In 2018 it raised $8 million in a seed funding round, and in 2020 it raised $12 million in a Series A funding round, where INKEF Capital was the lead investor.[7][8]

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