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Greyp Bikes
Private Company
FounderZvonimir Sučić Suki
Sveta Nedelja
  • Electric bicycles
  • Applies AI
  • Data gathering
  • Augmented reality

Greyp Bikes is a company that develops and markets e-bikes. The company designs, engineers and produces electric bicycles and applies AI, data gathering and augmented reality to the products. It’s headquartered in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia and present on all continents with its product. As a sister company of Rimac Automobili, they also produce e-bike batteries and smart IoT bike solutions, while combining technology and mobility.


The brand was created when Zvonimir Sučić Suki, who created the e-moto called Greyborg, was invited by Mate Rimac, the CEO of Rimac Automobili, to join his company in 2011. [1]

Both decided to create the e-bike using some of Rimac`s existing technology. That resulted with the Greyp G12S, a hybrid between a motorbike and an e-bike, with pedals and throttle - powered by 12 kW of peak power with a top speed of 70 km/h. [2] These specs made it a niche product as the bike industry is heavily regulated.

They started building a new e-bike utilizing connectivity, sensors and gamification. [3] [4]

After that, Greyp Bikes separated from Rimac Automobili, became self-sufficient as a company, and started building their own team with more than half of employees working in R&D, and most of them in programming and software.

Bike projects

In early 2016, Greyp Bikes started developing the G6 e-bike series. [5]

The G6 family

Greyp launched their G6, smart and connected e-bike models in 2019. It’s a full suspension e-mountain bike with a carbon fibre composite frame and 150mm travel front & back enduro geometry. Greyp built the bike around the electronics, starting with the integrated eSIM, via a built-in communication module with sensors, front and rear integrated cameras, internet connectivity and 700 Wh battery.

The G6 runs on its own version of a Linux operating system. [6] The bike generates data, combining digital and analogue, while the smartphone acts as the G6's main interface [7] [8] and a medium for over-the-air updates.

The G6 built-in connectivity enables riders to send orders to their bikes or acquire photos from the integrated cameras remotely. The connectivity enables competition and content sharing in real-time. [9] More than 50 telemetry data are being registered at any moment, like the rider's power output, bike inclination, G-force, barometric pressure, or the e-bike’s motor output. [10] [11] It’s currently available in three model versions: G6.1, G6.2 & G6.3.

Greyp G6.X

The Greyp G6.X was created as a limited-edition bicycle to honour Greyp Bikes’ automotive heritage from Rimac Automobili. Greyp assembled a bicycle from parts such as an Öhlins fork & rear shock, Magura brakes, wireless seat post & shifter and a set of full carbon wheels. The G6.X comes with all the same digital features as does the G6, as well as the same 700 Wh battery. [12]

Greyp G12S

The Greyp G12S is a product of the same people behind the Rimac Concept One hypercar and combines features from both motorcycle and the bicycle worlds. [13] It has pedals along with a throttle and is powered by 12 kW of peak power with a battery capacity of 2 kWh, and reaches a top speed of 70 km/h. Other features include a carbon fibre cover, fingertip activation, regenerative braking and planetary gearbox, and 120 Nm of torque.

The G5 family

The Greyp G5 model is created for cross-country adventures mostly. The G5 comes with the same digital features as the G6, and the same 700Wh battery. The main difference between the models is the absence of the rear wheel suspension, making this a hardtail mountain bike. It’s available in two versions: G5.1 & G5.2. [14]

Other projects

Smart bike solutions

Greyp is in the business of combining micromobility with connectivity. The company also moved into developing smart IoT e-bike solutions, while at the same time working on customizable white label products for various B2B partners. [15] Together with Porsche Digital, Storck and FAZUA they’re developing new smart urban e-bikes: the Cyklaer.

Connected mobility

Greyp’s core is a composition of multiple sensors on the bike and rider, fused with online data. [16] The e-bikes offer a user experience originating from different sensory outputs, with a wireless rider-bike-net-infrastructure interaction. The final experience is comprised of data gathered online, a high battery range, gaming possibilities, video and photo creation, and a system that is always updated.


Greyp Bikes have won The Eurobike Gold Award for the best e-MTB in 2019 [17] and The Design & Innovation Award in 2020. [18]

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