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Greg Williams (The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert)
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Philadelphia, PA
ResidenceNew York Metropolitan Area
Other namesThe Master Negotiator
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EducationPenn State University, Temple University, Harvard University
OccupationBusiness management consultant, speaker, author, negotiation and body language expert
Years active1987 - present
Known forBusiness negotiation, reading body language
Notable work
Mastering the Art of Success
Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiation
Negotiating With A Bully
Board member ofNew Jersey Development Authority (former Chairman)
Merriott Hotel
Merrill Lynch
Bank of America
AwardsLeadership New Jersey Fellow
Businessman of the Year by the United States Congress
Top 30 Body Language Experts in the World 2019

Greg Williams, professionally known as The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert., is an American Business management consultant, speaker, author, and body language expert.[1] He is the founder of The Master Negotiator, a business consultancy and training company that helps business executives and high-net-worth individuals in improving competitive negotiation skills, while reading body language to enhance the negotiation process.[2] He is also a member of the C-Suite Network, a network of C-Suite leaders and think tank organizations.[3][4]

Williams is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified High-Performance Coach.[5] He speaks at corporate events, in seminars and conferences to teach attendees how they can increase their negotiation skills while reading body language to enhance the negotiation process..[6][7]

Education and early life

Williams was born and grew up in Philadelphia, PA. He attended Penn State University where he received his BBA in business and computer science. Thereafter he completed a course in business from Temple University and Harvard University.[8]


Williams started his career at Provent National Bank, thereafter he worked at Philadelphia National Bank, Sun Oil, Computer Task Group, and Computer Herizons. And, he worked at Devon Consulting in 1987 as a Vice President, responsible for business development and negotiations. He left the company in 1993 to start his own business consultancy company, The Master Negotiator to provide negotiation consulting, business coaching and speaking.[9][10]

In 1999, Williams was named as a political candidate for the Mercer County Freeholders Board. From 1999 through 2016, he served on several state, regional, and county boards to assist in the creation of opportunities for small, minority, and women-owned businesses. In 2016, he became a member of the C-Suite Network to assist C-Suite executives and companies.[11][12]

Williams is a bestselling author of “Negotiate: Afraid, 'Know' More” published by AuthorHouse, Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations, published by Red Wheel/Weiser and Negotiating With A Bully, published by Career Press.[13] He has spoken and trained on negotiations, emotional intelligence and body language[14] to major organizations such as Unilever, McGraw Hill, Mercedes Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential Insurance, U.S. governmental departments, Rutgers University, Home Depot, MCI, Merrill Lynch, Union Carbide, Xerox and others.[15] He has been seen on Fox Business, ABC,  My9News, Fox News, iHeart Radio Fox 5, MSNBC and The 10 o’clock news.[16][17][18][19]

Books by Greg Williams

  • Williams, Greg; Crum, Anita (2014-10-11). Emotional Intelligence & Negotiation Strategies for Human Resource Professionals: Emotional Intelligence & Negotiation Strategies to Boost the Human Resource Professional's Daily Activities. Createspace Independent Pub. ISBN 9781502806994.[20]
  • Williams, Greg (2016-09-19). Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations: How to Read Any Opponent and Get What You Want. Red Wheel/Weiser. ISBN 9781632659422.
  • Williams, Greg (2007-06-15). Negotiate: Afraid, 'Know' More: How to Negotiate Your Way to Success. AuthorHouse. ISBN 9781452016498.
  • Williams, Greg; Iyer, Pat (2018). Negotiating with a Bully: Take Charge and Turn the Tables on People Trying to Push You Around. Red Wheel/Weiser. ISBN 9781632651358.
  • Williams, Greg (2008-06-19). Body Bag Religion. AuthorHouse. ISBN 9781467838368.
  • Williams, Greg (2014). Mastering Negotiations Through Body Language and Other NonVerbal Signals: Winning Negotiation Techniques Using Body Language Signals. ASIN B00MUESS4O.

Boards and memberships

  • 2000-2002: Chairman of New Jersey Development Authority
  • 2000-2002 Board Member, Marriott Hotels
  • 2001-2003 Board Member, Merrill Lynch
  • 2001-2005: Board Member, Fleet Bank/Bank of America

Major awards

  • 1999: Leadership New Jersey Fellow
  • 2001: Businessman of the Year by the United States Congress
  • 2002: Minority Business Advocate of the Year
  • 2019: Top 30 Body Language Experts in the World 2019[21]

Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator Presentations



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