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Original author(s)Wisecube
TypeNatural language processing
LicenseApache license

Graphster is an open-source knowledge graph library. It is a spark-based library designed for end-to-end building and querying of knowledge graphs based on structured and unstructured source data. The library is built on Apache Spark, SPARQL, and Spark NLP.[1]


Graphster was built by Wisecube, an artificial intelligence life sciences company founded by Vishnu Vettrivel. The company is focused on building knowledge graphs to help biotech and pharma companies with their drug discovery research. The Graphster library takes a collection of clinical data, scientific papers, bioactivity databases, and Wikidata mentions. The library offers to build knowledge graphs based on all the information using Apache Spark and facilitates drug discovery for healthcare and pharma companies.[2]

Graphster’s core module comprises two parts, configuration and processing of data into graphs. The Graphster data set module contains MeSH and clinical trial codes for setting datasets and RDF format parsing.[3]

Usage in Pharma and Healthcare

Wisecube’s knowledge graph engine, Graphster, enables the usage of artificial intelligence to detect correlations between large amounts of structured and unstructured data. By combining innovations in natural language processing (NLP) and graph analytics, users can accelerate the process of biomedical research by automatically building unstructured documents into knowledge graphs. Knowledge graphs are known to facilitate firms in the healthcare and life sciences with a connected and meaningful picture of their data. The Graphster open-source library simplifies and streamlines the process of constructing, analyzing, and querying knowledge graphs using Apache Spark. Through Graphster, the health and pharma companies can unify their biomedical data, which in turn facilitates the creation of hidden patterns. Through these patterns, companies are able to make accurate predictions based on the graphical representation of data from various sources. Knowledge graphs are known to determine useful insights that help open new avenues for the discovery of drugs and medical tools.[4]

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