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Giuseppe Rimola
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Born (1981-02-24) February 24, 1981 (age 43)

Giuseppe Rimola (born 24th February 1981) is a German-Italian entrepreneur, crypto expert and motivational leader. Rimola has over a decade’s experience in the Crypto industry and is regarded across the industry as a subject matter expert. Currently, Rimola runs two of the leading digital eco-system fintech companies, dedicated to providing support, knowledge, and solutions for individuals and businesses curated explicitly towards their goals and interests.[1]

Giuseppe Rimola and Horst Staebler are the founders of CryptoPerformance,[2] a Fintech business that provides a 360° solution to both individuals and businesses in the crypto world. CryptoPerformance’s projects include the CryptoPerformance CHAIN, an in-house developed blockchain, its native CPCoin (CPC), CryptoPerformance BANQ with its CP Crypto Card, the unique Buy&Hold CryptoPerformance Platform, Charity for charities and much more.

Rimola motivates his partners and programmers to focus on their goals to excel in the Crypto industry. His expertise lies in helping expand the 'Crypto Community' as a whole by sharing in-depth understanding and skills across the sector.[3]

Rimola also serves as the president of the MEA – Media Evolution Association.

Early life and education

Rimola was born on 24 February 1981 in Kirchheim unter Teck. He has always had an aptitude for analytical thinking and mediation skills, which is still reflective of him in his stride towards expanding the crypto industry.


Rimola began working when he was 16 years old. Initially, he worked independently in a structured sales organization in the insurance industry.

Giuseppe and his father ran the insurance brokerage company RML Group GmbH. Achieving immense success over the years presented Giuseppe the opportunity to create elite partnerships within the industry giving him the possibilities to expand the capabilities of his passion; educating and informing the global community.

Rimola has also participated in various network marketing companies throughout his career and established an advertising and marketing platform in 2015, which he later sold in 2017. This enabled him to venture into the digital cryptocurrency industry. Realizing the potential of his substantial experience and knowledge in crypto, he, along with his business partner Horst Staebler, in 2020 established CryptoPerformance[4] an innovative fintech business.[5] Since then, CryptoPerformance has grown to include the CryptoPerformance CHAIN, an in-house developed blockchain, featuring NFTs, sub-currencies, white-label solutions, and much more, the blockchain’s native CPCoin (CPC), CryptoPerformance BANQ, a global fintech platform, including IBANs, and much more, the CryptoPerformance Buy&Hold platform, an educational and community structured platform, Charity for Charities, providing white-label decentralized solutions for charities and much more.

CryptoPerformance is emerging as a strong force within the decentralized and centralized world, as the technologically advanced projects and growth of the solid community base and ecosystem are providing companies and individuals with new opportunities.

Rimola, apart from running his companies, is also the President of MEA - Media Evolution Association, which works for cooperation, research, and promotion of common interests in the public, based in Baden, Austria.


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