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Gigi De Lana
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Mary Gidget Dela Llana

(1995-09-24) September 24, 1995 (age 27)
Calamba, Laguna
  • Singer
  • Song-writer
  • Dancer
  • Commercial Model

Gigi De Lana (formerly Gidget Dela Llana) is a Filipina singer-songwriter, dancer, commercial model, and actress. She rose to fame due to her stint as a contestant on Tawag ng Tanghalan sa It's Showtime (Philippine TV program). She is currently under the management of Rise Artist Studio and has appeared in Four Sisters Before the Wedding as Love Mae.

Early Life

Mary Gidget Orfano Dela Llana was born on September 24, 1995 in Calamba, Laguna

GMA (2007, 2013)

Tawag ng Tanghalan (season 1)

Daily Rounds, the Road to Semi-finals

Gigi auditioned for Tawag ng Tanghalan (season 1) in 2016[1]. She advanced to the January 27th, 2016 Daily Round of the competition where she sang Regine Velasquez|Regine Velasquez' version of 'Araw-Gabi'[2]—which propelled her to fame. According to Gigi, the song was taught to her by the late Lorenz Arquero, the owner of the band Serenata's New Perspective, which she performed for as a vocalist. Gigi won the Daily Round, allowing her to have a shot at bestowing the Golden Microphone. This time, she sang Wicked (musical)|Wicked's Defying Gravity (song)|Defying Gravity[3]. At the end of her duel with the defending champion, she won with 94.6%[4] and would go on to defend her title.

She went on to be the contest's defending champion until she became a semi-finalist on her fifth win[5] (as the competition's mechanics impose). She then decided to continue to compete until 2 wins later, she then lost her title by a needle—1 point[6]. The songs she sang from her first until last appearance as a contender/defending champion are as follows:

Date Song Artist Score Result Status
February 27 Saturday Daily Round 'Araw-Gabi'[7] Nonoy Zuñiga 92.8% Win Daily Winner
v. Defending Champion 'Defying Gravity'[8] Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth 94.6% Win[9] Defending Champion
February 29 Monday v. Daily Winner 'Dadalhin'[10] Regine Velasquez 95.4% Win[11]
March 1 Tuesday 'Kung Ako Na Lang Sana'[12] Bituin Escalante 93.8% Win[13]
March 2 Wednesday 'Queen Of The Night'[14] Whitney Houston 91.6% Win[15]
March 3 Thursday 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go'[16] Whitney Houston 94.8% Win[17] Defending Champion, Semi-finalist
March 4 Friday 'All I Ask Of You' Cliff Richard, Sarah Brightman 92.8% Win[18]
March 5 Saturday 'Almost Over You'[19] Sheena Easton 92.4% Win[20]
March 7 Monday 'My All' Mariah Carey 93.2% Lose[21] Semi-finalist


The 1st Quarter Semi-finals commenced on March 28, 2016. Gigi and four other semi-finals sang one song per day from Monday to Saturday. She was joined by Jaime Navarro, Rachel Gabreza, Dominador Alviola Jr., and Maricel Callo. The musical pieces she performed were as follows:

Theme Date Song Artist
Round 1 Audition Song March 26 Monday 'Araw-Gabi'[23] Nonoy Zuñiga
Round 2 Awit sa Pamilya (Song for the Family) March 27 Tuesday 'Home'[24] Stephanie Mills
Round 3 Musical Influence March 28 Wednesday 'Let It Go'[25] Idina Menzel
Round 4 Greatest Love March 29 Thursday 'You Are My Song'[26] Regine Velasquez
Round 5 Hurado's Song Choice (Judges' Choice) March 30 Friday 'Hanggang'[27] Wency Cornejo
Round 6 Semifinal Song March 31 Saturday 'When You Believe'[28] Whitney Houston ft. Mariah Carey

After almost a week, the 1st Quarter Semi-finals concluded with Gigi garnering a final score of 86.53%, accumulated from the combined scores of the judges, and text votes.[29]

GG Vibes

Gigi and her band, Gigi Vibes have occasionally live streamed their jamming sessions, even their gigs, in the past years. Gigi also at times live streamed on her own Facebook account, live streaming isn't novel to her.

Season 1

Upon the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the eventual ABS-CBN franchise renewal controversy, she eventually returned to it via her official Facebook page by late June of 2020. Initially, the title of her live gig stream was 'Kabogera sa Live', with Gigi, initially joined by her pianist, Jon Cruz (June-July 2020, September 2020-present.

The succeeding live gig streams were titled 'GG Vibes' (alternatively, 'GGVibes'). This time, in addition to Gigi and her pianist, they were also joined by her saxophonist Eljin Del Rosario (June 2020- July 2020), her drummer Romeo Marquez (June-July 2020, September 2020-present), her bassist Jake Manalo (June-July 2020, January 2021-present), and her rhythm guitarist LA Arquero (January 2021-present).

Since its inception, the stream has entertained song requests from its viewers. Although not mandatory, viewers were encouraged to support the livestream by sending any amount through online payment such as GCash. The stream is produced in Tritone Studios, owned by Erwin Lacsa, also a member of Serenata's New Perspective, performing as a vocalist.


Band absence

From episodes 6-12, which spanned from July 2020-September 2020, Gigi started live streaming by herself. Members of the band were extremely busy with their other endeavors. In those episodes, the stream featured an theme, usually an artist's songs are sang on the first set, the second set was dedicated for viewer requests. Among the episodes featured were:

EP Theme Date
6 Ariana Grande songs July 22
7 Demi Lovato songs July 29
8 Set 1 Avril Lavigne songs August 5
Set 2 Paramore songs
9 Pink songs August 12
10 Walt Disney Pictures August 19
11 The Carpenters songs August 30
12 Katy Perry songs September 19

Gigi's Sick Leave

Gigi took a rest from hosting GG Vibes from a then concurring canker sore, causing the show to be shelved temporarily. She was able to live streamed by late August, but not presented as GG Vibes. She did recover partially and was able to stream another episode of GG Vibes on August 30. However, her canker sore worsen, hence, she took some time off, initially for an uncertain amount of time. She then returned two weeks later, excellently recovered.

Shooting a Movie

GG Vibes, once again, halted weekly episodes, but this time, for almost two months.

'New Hope: The End of the TNT Era'

A week after Episode 12, Gigi did her first ever digital concert, which also served as a birthday concert. The concert, titled, 'New Hope: The End of the TNT Era', was one that signified the end of a chapter of her singing career, and plausibly foreshadowed her new venture on ABS-CBN.

As the title may have hinted, she paid tribute to her journey as a Tawag ng Tanghalan contestant. She once again sang all of the musical pieces she used in the more than a year competition. The concert was also the first time that her pianist, Jon, and her drummer, Romeo, joined her after almost two months.

In addition to her, she also had special guests that include her 'Tawag Ng Tanghalan' Season 1 colleagues, Jex De Castro, Eumee Capile, and Rachel Gabreza, and also Sofronio Vasquez, another 'Tawag Ng Tanghalan' colleague, from Season 2. There were other guests as well that included some of her fans who gave birthday messages for her. All of which, joined Gigi via Zoom Video Communications.

The latter part of the concert highlighted the presents that people sent her including gifts from her sponsors, and her fans. Finally, she showed off, and wished on the cakes sent to her, including one from Star Cinema.

Season 2

Gigi kicked-off the second season in the following week, on September 27. The show only included Gigi, and Jon, and was themed '80s Rewind'. The episode was also her last episode before going on to another hiatus, aforementioned.


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