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George C Keefe
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Born15 November, 1955
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Consultant
  • Author
  • Lecturer
  • CEO

George C. Keefe, Encasement Guy (born 15 November, 1955) is an international consultant, author, lecturer and CEO.


Keefe is the founder and CEO of GLOBAL Encasement Inc., a manufacturer of green coatings used in the encasement of hazardous substances such as asbestos and lead.[1] He is also a graduate of Dale Carnegie and is a trained and certified project designer harzadous materials. This background was useful in aiding him spot an opportunity in the harzadous materials industry in the 1990s. While supervising asbestos and lead based paint projects, he realized that people were incurring high costs to remove asbestos and lead even though some were stable. This led him to create a green coating encasement system that would make it easy to manage asbestos and lead in place instead of having them removed. Industry professionals now recommend encasing harzadous substances instead of removal or enclosure that exposes people to air borne cancer causing fibres.[2]

Awards and Recognition

Proof that Keefe's encasement system was on the right track came when his company GLOBAL Encasement Inc. was awarded the second prize for best new product at the 1997 BuildingsNY trade show in Manhattan.Romano, Jay (15 June 1997). "Taking the Measure of Lead-Paint Hazards". The New York Times. Section 9. p. 1.{{cite web}}: CS1 maint: location (link)</ref>

Keefe's green coatings won in 1998 the Rockland County Historic Preservation Merit Award 2015/2016 for preserving an historical building.

In 2001, another of his green coatings was one of thirteen encapsulant products that made it to the New York State Department of Health Acceptable Encapsulant Product List.[3]

Keefe's green coatings company identified in the Materials and Chemicals report as one of the key players in the green coatings global market.[4]

Disaster Management

Following the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, TEPCO consulted him for his innovative disaster clean up expertise which led to TEPCO using dust inhibitor to minimize exposure to radioactive dust and contain its release into the atmosphere.[5] Initially the green coating was sprayed manually before mobile pumps and finally a concrete pumper and bendable spray tower were used[5].It took three months of spraying[5] to cover the entire area around the main plant buildings.[6]


Keefe's first book is “Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid“. Published in 2009 the book is a guide for Managing Asbestos & Lead-Based Paints through encasement.[7]


Keefe's company was a Featured guest on American Environmental Review hosted by Morley Safer.[8]


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