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Gary Slavin
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BornMassapequa, New York
Pen nameGary Slavin
EducationMarist College
GenreCrime, Thriller

Gary Slavin is an American author. Specializing in crime novels, he is best known for his debut novel Four Pebbles on a Bench.

Early life

Slavin was born and raised in Massapequa, New York. He grew up in a middle-income family. He graduated from Marist College in 1975 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing.[1] He began his professional career as an insurance claim examiner.[1] Gary spent 40 years in the insurance industry.[2] His roles included a certified insurance counsellor, life underwriter training council fellow, property and casualty insurance seller and investment advisor representative.[1]

Slavin attempted to get elected to the New York Senate in 2018.[2] He would, afterward, take writing classes to start a career as an author.[2]

Writing career

Gary began his professional writing career with his debut novel, Four Pebbles On a Bench. The novel was published in 2020.[1]

Slavin’s primary influence for his debut novel was witnessing a drug deal while jogging around John Burns Park in Massapequa.[2] He also attributes his interest in the crime genre to listening to his uncle’s stories about his time in the Central Intelligence Agency.[3] Slavin also attributes his time in the insurance industry as an influence on his work, citing that listening to his client’s stories helped him create compelling and realistic characters.[3]

Reception and analysis

Four Pebbles on a Bench is a crime thriller novel set in Long Island, New York. The novel follows retired detective, George Price, uncovering a drug ring after witnessing a drug deal in a local park. The book received positive reviews for its compelling plot, interesting characters, and setting.[4][1] The novel has been described as a ‘fun weekend getaway in the world of crime and mystery’.[5]


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