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Funky Bunnies NFT
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Funky Bunnies is a collection of 3333 randomly generated NFTs that take shelter on the Ethereum Blockchain. Throughout their journey in the bunny metaverse, the holders can expect a Custom Web3 Merchandise Store, P2E game and Crypto Casino, and features that go beyond profile pictures NFTs.


The artist behind Funky Bunnies is Allen from Asia-based Allen X Root Studio who has been in the digital 3D industry for more than 5 years and is closely working with Jazz, the CEO of Funky Bunnies. Funky Bunnies’s target audience is the young generation who are interested in 3D Funky Art and those who seek value addition with some good art. The project is deemed to develop into a WEB3 Innovation brand which will bring in several utilities for the holders like Custom Upload NFT Merchandise Store and WEB3 Coaching Platform along with special early access and discounts to all holders. The bunnies are rare who go beyond PFP and have a royal funky emotion attached to them. 10% of the total amount is to be kept as reserve for the upcoming projects.

Types and attributes

Funky Bunnies spin-off in 3333 gang, distinct but familiar. Every bunny is unique, beautiful, loved and just like a family with little differences in punks. They are made with 3D funky styling with a strong emotion attached to them within the metaverse.

Roadmap of Funky Bunnies

The first collection drop of Funky Bunnies starts in the first quarter of 2022. The holders can expect the release of a brand new crypto casino, play to earn game and launch of Web3 Merchandise Store in the second quarter. In the third quarter, Funky Bunnies will launch a new feature of payable bunny characters that will be added to the game.

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