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Fremantle Christian College
Fremantle Christian College logo.png
Fremantle Christian College.JPG
110 Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill, Western Australia, 6163
Former namesHamilton Hill School, Southern Christian Academy, Calvary Christian School, New Life Christian College
MottoFaith Character Courage
Religious affiliation(s)Christian
HousesFlynn, Olsson, Hamlin, Vose
SloganYour child becoming the best they can be.
AffiliationNew Life Church

Fremantle Christian College is an independent coeducational primary and secondary school located in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia. The only secondary school in Hamilton Hill, it offers an open enrolment policy[1] with 301 students as of 2019,[2] educating Pre-Kindy to Year 11 students in 2020 with Year 12 classes to commence in 2021.


Hamilton Hill School (1903 - 1988)

In 1903, the school opened under the name Hamilton Hill School with the intention of relieving student numbers at nearby Coogee Primary School.[3][4][5] In 1978, the school celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a reunion day and a function in the hall during the evening.[6]

Southern Christian Academy (1989 - 1992)

In 1989, the site was occupied by Southern Christian Academy.[7]

Calvary Christian School (1993 - 2002)

In 1993, Southern Christian Academy changed its name to Calvary Christian School.[7][8][9]

New Life Christian College (2003 - 2013)

In 2003, Calvary Christian School was adopted by a local church, New Life Christian Community, and re-named New Life Christian College.[7]

Fremantle Christian College (2014 - Present)

In early 2014, the New Life Christian College board re-branded the school to Fremantle Christian College.[7] An application to include a secondary school alongside the preexisting primary school was granted by the Minister for Education in August 2014[1][7] and the inaugural secondary class of year 7 students began in 2016.[10]

In the 2015 NAPLAN results, Fremantle Christian College was recognised as a "Most Improved Primary School" when it ranked 2nd in Western Australia and 19th Australia-wide from a pool of over 4000 primary schools.

With the closure of Hamilton Senior High School in 2017,[11] Fremantle Christian College became the only secondary school in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia|Hamilton Hill.

A new double-story brick "cornerstone" building was completed on the site in early 2019 to accomodate the growing secondary school,[12] with a second building finished in early 2020.

As of 2020, Fremantle Christian College educates Pre-Kindy to Year 11, with the inaugural Year 12 graduating class anticipated in 2021.

The Fremantle Christian College logo is designed as a series of overlapping sticks resembling a bird's nest, representing the nurturing environment of the school. The sticks are a variety of colours that symbolise the diversity of backgrounds that make up the college community. The symbol of the cross is visible within the nest, emphasising the central position of Jesus Christ within the community and learning environment.[13]

House System

In 2019, a school-wide house system was announced with full implementation beginning in 2020. The four houses Flynn, Olsson, Hamlin, and Vose are named after honourable Australian Christians and each house emphasises a Christian virtue, character, courage, compassion, and community, that was demonstrated in their respective lives and ministry.[14]

Heritage Building and Historical Significance

The Fremantle Christian College site houses a timber framed weatherboard structure, built in 1902 and containing the two original classrooms,[15] which was heritage listed on 14 July, 2011 by the Cockburn Council.[7][16] The building remains in active use within the college. The site is also the location of a historically significant Moreton Bay Fig tree (item 094 on the Cockburn Council Inventory).[17]


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