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Fernando Bruccoleri
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BornMay 22, 1989
CitizenshipArgentina (1989–present)

Uruguay (1993–present)

Italy (2009–present)
EducationNº 45, José Pedro Varela elementary School - Liceo Dr. Alfonso Espínola High School
OccupationTechnology Entrepreneur


Years active2006–present
Height1,84 m
TitleFounder, CEO of Once Grados

Founder, CEO of NoseBack CEO of Dilruba Co-founder of Veebu

Founder of Aicerlan Company
Websiteofficial website

Fernando Bruccoleri Noda (born May 22, 1989) in Caballito, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a technology Entrepreneurship, publicist and writer. He is the founder and Chief executive officer of the international magazine NoseBack, founder of marketing agency Once Grados, chairman of Aicerlan Company and write as a collaborator in HuffPost, Sputnik (news agency) News and BuzzFeed.


Fernando Bruccoleri was born to an Uruguayan mother and father and raised in San José de Mayo, Uruguay since 1993. His father's family has a long history of entrepreneurship in San José de Mayo with CW 41 Radio, Teatro Macció, Cine Artigas and El Centro Musical ventures.

He early attended Nº 45, José Pedro Varela elementary School and pursued his education in Liceo Dr. Alfonso Espínola High School, San José de Mayo, Uruguay.

In 1996 he began his English language studies at Instituto Cultural Anglo Uruguayo. In December 2007 he finally get his English First Certificate approved by Instituto Dickens, awarded by Oxford House College in London, England.

in 2008 he was admitted into a Masters program in Computer Science and through his participation in Virgin Media Pioneers, Bruccoleri became interested in media. At the end of 2010 he founded Aicerlan Company, an Electronics and Home appliance in Uruguay.[1]

In December 2012, Uruguayan media, El Observador (Uruguay), made a list of the most followed users on Twitter in Uruguay where Bruccoleri was the most followed.[2] In August 2013, Uruguayan digital media Pro Universitarios launched an article about Bruccoleri's influence on Twitter from his international interviews.[3]


In 2014 he founded Nufflock Communications,[4] actually renamed as Once Grados, and later he releases his international magazine NoseBack in Miami, United States.[5] In January 2015, launched an app what Bruccoleri calls an extension of Twitter, called Veebu.[6] In February, he started writing as a contributor in the online newspaper and news aggregator blog, HuffPost and Chilean digital media Upsocl. ​Later in 2015, he started his tech tour in Miami, United States. invited by Facebook,[7] Univision, Splinter News[8] and CNN en Español,[9] where he was interviewed by TV presenter, Ismael Cala.[10] Through this interview, eMerge Americas, the movement developing Miami as a tech hub for the Americas, incorporated Bruccoleri as Marketing Department for development in Latin America.[11]

In October 2017, Italian soccer club Inter Milan signed Bruccoleri as a social media associated for South America.[12] ​Early in 2018, was invited by the government of Miami city, Argentinian and Uruguayan Embassy, Miami Police Department and National Basketball Association team Miami Heat to exchange knowledge for a city collaboration between his country Uruguay and United States.[13] ​Early in 2019, Bruccoleri developed the digital political campaign for Businessperson, candidate for the United States Senate and the presidency of the United States in 2020.[14]

Since then he has been developing different strategies with political parties in Uruguay and the United States. In 2020 he joined as a writer collaborator in the American Internet media, news and entertainment company, BuzzFeed and global news agency Sputnik (news agency).

He has been a source of query on technology topics in international media [15][16][17][18] and has interviewed personalities as Richard Branson,[19] Elton John,[20] Hardwell,[21] Kim Dotcom,[22] Bob Sinclar|Bob Sinclair,[23] Air Supply[24] and Cesar Millan.[25]


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