Fawzzeyyah Zeid Al-Durai

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Fawzzeyyah Zeid Al-Durai
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BornJune 25, 1953
  • Psychologist
  • Academic Specialist in Sexology
  • Public Figure
  • Writer
  • Author

Fawzzeyyah Zeid Al-Durai (Born June 25, 1953), known professionally as Dr. Foz is a Kuwaiti Psychologist, Academic Specialist in Sexology, Public Figure, writer and a Author. She is the first female Sexologist in the GCC[1] and Arab Countries. She is also a humanitarian and she's the founder of The Good Human Being (GHB) Movement.

Personal Life

Dr. Foz was born in 1953 in Kuwait to Kuwaiti parents . She's married to Dr. Faraj N Yousif and a mother to a medical doctor and a Teacher. In 1978 she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology, at University of Kuwait[2]. In 1981, she received her Master degree in Psychology (Sex Education) at University of Pacific, Lutheran University, USA .[3]In 1983, Dr.Foz moved to York[4], UK. In 1987 she obtained her PhD degree in Clinical Psychology and Sex Therapy (Sex Education) from University of York[5], UK.


Dr.Foz began her career in 1978 as a Clinical Psychologist at Medical Psychology Hospital, Kuwait. She was also a Psychology Lecturer at Kuwait University in 1988. In addition to her job as a Psychologist, Foz was a Writer (Weekly Articles and Agony Aunt) and Consultant at Osrati Magazine[6], Kuwait (1978-1988 ); AlWatan News Paper, Kuwait (1987-2007 ). She was the editor of Family supplement News Paper, Kuwait . (1987-1992 ); KulAlusra Magazine, United Arab Emirates (1992-2007 ); AlArab News Paper, Qatar (2007-2008 ); Annahar News Paper, Kuwait ( 2007-2009); Zahart AlKhaleej Magazine, United Arab Emirates (2007-2018); Zafaf Magazine, Kuwait (2014-2017).

Dr.Foz is also a Life Designer for some VIPs.


In 2004, Foz was the prepare and Presenter of “Sirat ElHobe (Story of Love)” TV Program at AlRai TV Satellite Channel[7], Kuwait .The program name was changed to “Dr Foz” in 2008. She was the host of Sirat Elhobe till 2011. The show was the first of its kind in the GCC[8] and Arab Countries. Foz as a Sexologist addressed issues that have never been mentioned on a Kuwaiti tv show before. Afterwards, in 2012-2015 , she was the writer and Presenter of “Dr Foz & Friends” TV Program at OSN-Yhala[9]. TV Satellite Channel, Dubai.


Dr.Foz founded "the Good Human Being” (GHB) movement, in which she traveled to Kashmir[10] to bring attention to the Kashmir people affected by poverty .Dr.Foz invested much of the money that she makes and most of her time visiting and helping people. She established the Humanity Kitchen in Kashmir , India. She goes to Kashmir every now and then to visit schools and orphanages in poverty-stricken areas, and distribute supplies to help them.


In 2009 , Foz was ranked to be the most influential Arabic woman in Arab world according to Arabian Business Magazine.

In 2010 she was again elected to be among the list of the most influential Arabic woman in Arab world according to Arabian Business Magazine.

She has been rewarded the title " Mother of Kolkata (India) "


Dr. Foz along with her business partner Initiated the Drfozacademy.com[11] website to provide online academic courses related to her Sexology and psychology field. All the money that comes from the website and her job goes to poor people in Kashmir.


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