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Exclusive Calls
  • Telemarketing
  • Appointment setting
  • Marketing
Founded2008; 13 years ago (2008)
FounderMohsen Amin
Area served
Key people
Mohsen Amin
  • Appointment setting
  • telemarketing
  • sales
  • marketing

Exclusive Calls is a staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in telemarketing, customer support, appointment setting, and back end office work.[1] The company was founded in 2008 by Mohsen Amin and is headquartered in Wyoming, United States, with operations spread across the world.[2]

Exclusive Calls is best known for outbound services such as Appointment Setters, Sales Accountant Executives, Email Marketing, Answering Services, Virtual Assistants, Search Engine Optimization, and others. The company, since its inception, has worked for multiple small scale and large scale companies and continues to do so.[3]

Exclusive Calls has been featured in a number of media outlets for its services, such as Entrepreneur, Disrupt Magazine, Kivo Daily, LA Wire, The Chicago Journal, NY Weekly, Thrive Global, and others.[4]


Exclusive Calls was founded in 2008 by Mohsen Amin with the aim to support the businesses by handling their essential day-to-day tasks, including telemarketing, customer support, appointment setting, and back end office work.[5]

To handle the outbound and inbound calls, Exclusive Calls offers both full-time and part-time plans that cover a vast range of services ranging from trained inbound call techniques and strategies to qualifying outbound calls for lead generation, to name a couple.[6] Both the outbound and inbound calling selections are based on the client’s business goals, which can even be customized.[7]


Appointment Setters / Sales Development Representatives

Exclusive Calls’ Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) communicate with prospective leads to help the clients in increasing their company sales and production goals.

Sales Accountant Executive

The sales account executives at Exclusive Calls are trained with Grant Cardone sales training university and Jordan Belfort’s straight-line system. By leveraging this knowledge, the sales accountant executives offer customized sales techniques to the clients to achieve sales goals.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing team with Exclusive Calls collects email addresses of businesses and consumers and helps in regulating the client’s information across the vast network of emails, which helps in building connections that can later be converted to prospective leads.

Answering Service

This service is designed to cover the phones for the clients in their preferred time block. The answering service can also be customized accordingly, transfer calls, and take messages.

Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant program is designed to complete any tasks that a client would need an associate to do from a computer or telephone. It can also assist in the sales process and coordinate on several other aspects.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO specialists with Exclusive Calls create customized plans for the clients to achieve set targets. The SEO specialists develop marketing strategies, solidify online reputations, and generate sales conversions to amplify the client’s reach and help their business grow.

Web Design

Exclusive Calls also offers customizable web-designing services to clients to ensure they are making a great first impression to the online visitor. The templates by Exclusive Calls employ the latest versions of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript techniques.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing team with Exclusive Calls manages the clients’ social media presence across all channels and offers competitive analysis, social media auditing, and custom-built interactive strategies.


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