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EverGrow Coin
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Developer(s)Sam Kelly, Praveen Rai, Ajeet Singh
Platform(s)Binance Smart Chain

EverGrow Coin ($EGC) is a deflationary cryptocurrency token backed by a community of over 130,000 holders operating on the Binance Smart Chain. The token was launched in September 2021 and is run by a core team consisting of Sam Kelly, a former award-winning investment manager acting as Chairman, Ajeet Singh who currently serves as the Lead Developer and Praveen Rai, EGC’s Marketing Director.[1]

EverGrow Coin revolutionized the crypto market by offering the only ecosystem of its kind that rewards both the investors and founders through the same rewards system. The total quantity of EGC coins was restricted to one quadrillion, but over 52.5% of those tokens have now been burned, leaving approximately 47.5% in circulation.


EverGrow Coin (EGC) is a BEP20 reflection token designed to help users maximize their income through a contract that offers passive daily rewards in Binance-pegged USD, a regulated stablecoin pegged one-to-one with the US dollar. The coin was introduced in September 2021 and is based on the Binance Smart Chain.[2]

Pre-sale and early liquidity provision took up 45 percent of the total, with the remaining 50% going to the burn address, 5% to the founders and crew. The original liquidity was held in a Pink sale Certified Liquidity Locker for 400 days.[3]

The token was audited by security auditing firm Solidity Finance in October 2021, and it passed all of the 'external danger' categories. 'No security vulnerabilities from outside attackers were discovered,' according to the audit, although it did advise investors to have 'confidence in the team before investing, as they have extensive control over the ecosystem.'

In the first quarter of 2022, EverCoin will launch the CRATOR Subscription Platform. It is the first Content Subscription Platform in the world to accept both crypto and fiat payments. Simultaneously it will launch its NFT marketplace with a bespoke minting tool that will let users create their own NFTs from images, videos & other data. This marketplace will also allow NFT owners to easily borrow against their NFTs as collateral on fair interest rates without having to sell them.

Later in the year, EverCoin will also launch an Oracle-based NFT game, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game and launch its own decentralized exchange and wallet.


A tax is applied to all EverGrow Buys, Transfers, and Sells, which is used to finance holder rewards, liquidity, and marketing

  • 8% of every buy/transfer/sell is redistributed to all holders in $BUSD
  • 3% of every transaction is transferred into the Liquidity Pool on Pancakeswap to create a stable price floor.
  • 2% of every transaction is used for strategic BuyBack & Burn.
  • 1% of every transaction is sent to the marketing wallet to fund marketing, utility development and community management.
  • The Anti-Whale Mechanism ensures that no single sell order can amount to more than 0.125% of the total supply of $EGC.


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