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Ernesto Sirolli
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Born (1950-09-22) September 22, 1950 (age 73)
Altino, Abruzzo, Italy
  • BA in Political Science
  • Ph.D.
Alma mater
  • Rome University
  • Murdoch University
  • Author
  • Public speaker
Years active1985-present
Notable work
  • Ripples from the Zambezi
  • How to Start a Business and Ignite Your Life

Ernesto Sirolli (born September 22, 1950)[1] is an Italian author and public speaker in the field of sustainable economic development.[2][3][4][5][6][7] He is the author of two books, Ripples from the Zambezi (1995[8] and 1999[9][10]) and How to Start a Business and Ignite your Life (2012).[11][12][13]

Early life and education

Ernesto Sirolli was born in Italy and spent part of his childhood in Libya.[14][15][16] He then studied Political Science at Rome University[17] and received a Ph.D. from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, in 2004.[18][19]


Ernesto Sirolli began his career at the Italian NGO ASIP, working in technical development projects in Africa.[18] In 1985, he launched his own organization, the Sirolli Institute for Enterprise Facilitation,[3][17] which provides consulting services on sustainable economic development for governments and organizations worldwide.[20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31]

Sirolli has written two books. Ripples from the Zambezi: passion, entrepreneurship, and the rebirth of local economies, first published in 1995[8] and re-edited in 1999[9][10]. This book is listed as required reading for several university courses on business and sustainable development.[32][33][34][35] His second book, titled How to start a business and ignite your life: a simple guide to combining business wisdom with passion, was published in 2012.[11][12][13]

As a public speaker, Sirolli has spoken at the NPR radio[36], SDPB radio[37], and at several TEDx conferences, beginning in 2012.[3][38][39]

In 2016, Ernesto Sirolli received The 2016 IOEE International Lifetime Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship Education at the House of Lords in London.[40][41]

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