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Emil Cerda
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Cerda in 2017
BornEmil Sebastian Cerda Demorizi
(2001-02-06) February 6, 2001 (age 23)
Ensanche La Fé, Dominican Republic
Pen nameComilla Billy Bob Morrison Scott Billy Emil Emil
OccupationWriter, inventor and actor
Alma materNational Evangelical University (UNEV)
PeriodSince 2013
Literary movementPoète maudit, culteranismo, farsantism and surrealism
Notable worksMás allá de lo espiritual Vol. 1
Notable awardsJoven Destacado Award 2019

Emil Sebastian Cerda Demorizi (born Ensanche La Fé, February 6, 2001), is a Dominican Republic|Dominican writer, actor, Singing|singer and orator, of Italian language|Italian origin. According to the Listín Diario, he refers to it as "The promise of 21st century Dominican literature."[1][2][3][4]

His books have been translated into German language|German, French language|French, Italian language|Italian and English language|English[5]. The Chile|Chilean newspaper El Ciudadano published a Poetry|poem by Emil.[6]


In 2013, he wrote Más allá de lo espiritual Vol. 1, along with the help of his friends Alexander García Vidal and Jesús Figueroa[7].

He receiving multiple rejections to his beginnings as a writer[8]. Cerda's literary work is set in society, youth, misfortune, loneliness, Sexual intercourse|sex and focused on the very life of Emil. Emil wrote a Poetry|poem to the writer Junot Díaz, which caused confusion and much bad criticism [9][10]. As a Poète maudit|cursed poet, having a Bohemianism|bohemian life, he puts himself as the protagonist in almost all his writings.[11][12]

He graduated as a Computer repair technician|computer technician at the polytechnic Lic. Víctor Estrella Liz (La Perito) in 2017[13][14]. Emil Cerda (Comillas) is responsible for putting the nickname "The Troubadour of the Gray Speaker" (in Spanish language|Spanish, "El trovador del altoparlante gris") to the writer Alexéi Tellerías. At the beginning of the year 2020 it was added to the Royal Library of the Netherlands (KB)[15]; on the other hand, Emil has made consonant poems and diffuse literary compositions.[16] He said in an interview that his talents had been obtained through his trauma.[17][18]



  • Improvisación del tiempo (2017).[25]
  • Escandallo (2019).[26][27]


Documentary Santo Domingo (2019), Taíno bodyguard of cacique Guacanagaríx|Guacanagarix[28]



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