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Emanuele Cannistraci

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Emanuele Gabriel Cannistraci

(1932-08-24) August 24, 1932 (age 91)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
ResidenceSan Jose, CA
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Honorary BA of Divinity
  • Honorary Doctorate of Divinity
Alma mater
  • Christian International School of Theology
  • Pacific University
  • Evangelist
  • Pastor
  • Apostle
Years active1950–present
Spouse(s)Shirley Bennett Cannistraci
  • Full Gospel
  • Non-denominational
ChurchGateway City Church, campuses in California, Nevada and Arizona
OrdainedMay 13, 1950
Offices held
Gateway: Founding Pastor; Network of Christian Ministries: Co-Founder; Apostolic Missions International: Apostle

Emanuele Gabriel Cannistraci (born August 24, 1932) is an Italian American full gospel minister.[1][2][3][4]

Dr. Cannistraci was among the leaders in the emerging apostolic and prophetic movement ("AP movement") [5][6][4][7] who sought to restore the office of apostle and prophet to the five-fold ministries (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) that oversee and equip the Church.[8][9] See Ephesians 4:11-13.[10]

Cannistraci started his ministry career as an evangelist in the 1950's, a preacher who sought to convert others to the Christian faith.

In 1971, he and his wife, Shirley Cannistraci, became the founding pastors of Gateway City Church (GCC) based in Silicon Valley, California,[11] a non-denominational church that grew to become a multinational apostolic ministry.[6] In 2020, Cannistraci had been the apostle of GCC for over 20 years.

According to the AP movement, an apostle is one who meets the qualifications of an elder in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, has verifiable spiritual sons and daughters in the ministry, oversees or establishes churches, and is recognized by other apostles.[12] The purpose of an apostolic ministry is to minister to multiple churches and establish new churches to bring the gospel to the nations.[13]

During the emerging apostolic and prophetic movement Cannistraci helped to establish four apostolic networks. Apostolic networks are loose affiliations of independent churches led by strong dynamic apostles[5][14] and are among the fastest growing movements in the Christian world.[14][15]

For example, in the 1980's, Cannistraci co-founded Network of Christian Ministries (NCM) that became a "major" apostolic network led by "high-profile” ministers in America[5] who represented all branches of the evangelical charismatic renewal.[16][17][18] Cannistraci was a member of NCM's board of governors, apostolic presbytery and congress of elders.[5][19]

In the 1990's Cannistraci helped to establish three global apostolic networks in which he served as either the patriarchal apostle to other apostles[20][21] or as the fathering apostle to pastors of churches.[22][23][24] The apostolic gift is characterized by a "paternal bond" between apostles and pastors that "leaves churches in its wake."[25]

From the late 1970's, Cannistraci regularly traveled the world to mentor and equip pastors at leadership conferences,[2][26][21] such as for example, World MAP's 1977 Spiritual Renewal 77' pastoral conference in Cebu Coliseum, Philippines[26] and El Shaddai's 2006 World Congress in Guatemala where he preached to representatives from 24 nations.[1][2]

Cannistraci's mentorships of pastors include the founding pastors of three now global megachurches.[27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36]

From 1970 to 1993, while Senior Pastor of Gateway, Cannistraci was a staple on the local San Francisco Bay Area airwaves as a radio evangelist and television talk show host.

In 2020, Cannistraci has been the fathering apostle of Apostolic Missions International (AMI),[24] a global apostolic ministry to emerging apostles and missions[37] that he established in 1998. He has continued to equip pastors and leaders at the international Apostolic Leadership Summit[38] in Honolulu, Hawaii.[39][40][41][42]

Early years

Cannistraci was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 24, 1932 during the Great Depression. His parents were southern Italian immigrant Catholics, Charles Cannistraci and Mary Rossi. Cannistraci was a first generation born Italian American and the 7th of their 9 children together. He had two half-sisters[43] from his father's first marriage that ended in scandal.[44] His father had ties to the Italian Black Hand mafia. His father, crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, was soon able to walk again after he and his wife attended Bethesda, an Assemblies of God church, where they were saved.[45] Cannistraci grew up in a two room tenement housing behind his father's music store, in Ward 34, then a ghetto in Chicago.[46] At the age of 4 he contracted double pneumonia and almost died.[47] He survived and had a persistent desire to pray. His family held a household revival where they were filled with the Holy Spirit.[48] Cannistraci's family moved to Oakland, California, when he was 10 years old, where his father became a well known radio evangelist who preached for 15 years on Radio KRE in Berkeley, California.[49] His family was involved in radio and youth evangelism throughout the Bay Area. His sister, "Little Martha", was a popular child evangelist.[50][51] When he was a teenager working as a messenger for Western Union Telegraph, he heard God call him to become His messenger. At age 15 he started to preach and sing on street corners in Oakland, CA.[52]

Ministerial career

Cannistraci began his ministerial career in 1950 in an era of two parallel renewals the Latter Rain Revival of 1948 and Healing Revival in the 1950's.[53] He became a recognized voice and prophet in charismatic circles including Latter Rain,[54][55] Pentecostal,[56][57] Full Gospel,[58] apostolic and prophetic ministries,[59][60][61] and other fellowships[62] and networks.[40]

Young evangelist

Cannistraci was ordained on May 13, 1950 at the age of 17 by Radio Prayer League. He held revivals from coast to coast.[63][64] As a young evangelist, he established three revival churches, the first in Chicago, Illinois in 1952 at the age of 19,[64] the second in Versailles, Missouri in 1953 at the age of 20,[65] and the third in San Jose, California in 1964 at the age of 32.[66]

On February 6, 1953, at a healing revival in Sedalia, Missouri, he met Shirley Bennett, the teenage daughter of the mayor of Versailles, Missouri, who would later become his wife. Five months before in September 1952, Shirley was "stricken with polio" and hospitalized for three months in Kansas City General Hospital.[67][68] She was discharged in serious condition[69] with an incurable paralyzing disease.[70] At the healing revival in Sedalia, he preached, gave his testimony of "how God raised him from the dead", and he prayed for the sick.[71] The newspaper published Shirley's testimony of how they met: "I was healed in Rev. Cannistraci's meeting in Sedalia. I had polio, was unable to walk without crutches. But now, thank God, I can walk normally. SHIRLEY BENNETT." [72]


On July 31, 1955, Cannistraci and Shirley Bennett announced their engagement to marry.

In 1955, Cannistraci answered the PYPA's call to missions. Help was needed in foreign nations including Bro. Myer's mission in Beruit, Lebanon. Cannistraci held salvation and healing crusades in the Middle East, Holy Lands and Africa.[73][74][75][76][77] Pastor F. Langeland-Hansen, the white Afrikaan pastor of Bethshan Tabernacle in Durban, South Africa,[78] wrote a report of Cannistraci's two-week salvation and healing revival sponsored by Oral Roberts' 100,000 Souls for Christ in Africa Campaign.[79][48] The campaign funds were dedicated by Oral Roberts to winning 100,000 souls in Africa,[80] both black Africans and white Afrikaans.[81][82]

On November 5, 1955, Emanuele Cannistraci and Shirley Bennett were married in Versailles, Missouri. It was announced that "The Rev. and Mrs. Cannistraci will continue his world-wide evangelistic work."[83] From 1955 through 1964, Cannistraci and his wife, Shirley, held revivals across the country.[84][85][86][87][88][89][90][91][92]


In the early 1970s, during the Jesus movement, Cannistraci and his wife, Shirley, founded Gateway, then "Calvary Gospel Temple" (CGT) that filled with young people.[93] A visitor to CGT observed people singing and dancing, their "joy was real and palpable". Cannistraci taught the visitor how to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.[94] The young church outgrew its facilities and moved locations within Silicon Valley, first renamed Church of the Crossroads and then, Evangel Christian Fellowship ("Evangel"), then Gateway in 2003. In 1996, Cannistraci founded Impact School of Ministry, renamed Gateway School of Ministry to train the next generation of ministers, which has since graduated over 400 students in ministry.[95] In 2000, Cannistraci went into full-time apostolic ministry and his nephew and "spiritual son", Dr. David Cannistraci, and his wife Kathy Cannistraci, became lead pastors of Gateway. In 2020, Cannistraci continued to have apostolic oversight of Gateway, now a multi-site church with campuses in California, Las Vegas, Nevada and Gilbert, Arizona.[11] Cannistraci's beliefs are published on Gateway's website.

Radio and television

From 1970 to 1984, Cannistraci was a radio evangelist broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area on Radio KRE in Berkeley, Radio KPER in Gilroy, and Radio KFAX in San Francisco, California.[96] Cannistraci preached, Monday through Friday, on his church's "Camp Meeting" radio broadcast (1970-1977)[97][98][99][100][101] and "Something Special" radio broadcast (1978-1984) on Radio KFAX Dial 1100 AM.[102][103][104][105][106][107]

From 1984 to 1993, Cannistraci was the television host on Christian talk show, “New Beginnings with Emanuele Cannistraci,”[108] broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California on UHF KICU-TV Channel 36[109][110][111][112] and in the early 1990’s on UHF KTNC-TV 42 and KKPX-TV 65.[113][114][115]

In 1978 and 1983, Cannistraci was a guest on CBN's The 700 Club, hosted by Pat Robertson[116][117][118][119][120][121] and in 1980 and 1984 on TBN's nationally televised The PTL Club[122][123] and in 1984 on "California Tonight" hosted by Elmer and Lee Bueno.[124]

In 1999 and 2000, Cannistraci was featured on CBN's The 700 Club televised series "The Passing of the Patriarchs" in interviews with Scott Ross and Gordon P. Robertson and hosted by Pat Robertson.[52]

On October 7, 2001, Cannistraci was the keynote speaker at Jesus is Lord's ZOE televised 23rd Anniversary at Luneta Park in Manila, where following 9/11, he preached that crisis releases faith and prophesied over Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, president of the Philippines.[30]

In 2017, Cannistraci was guest on The Good Life Hawaii's radio talk program "Insights of Decades of a Fruitful Ministry-Emanuele Cannistraci", hosted by Danny Yamashiro who interviewed Cannistraci about his childhood, life and ministry.[48]

Apostolic and prophetic ministry

Cannistraci's apostolic calling has been to mentor pastors and leaders to plant churches worldwide.[48] His mentorships include the following founders of global megachurches and church planting ministries:

  1. Steve Murrell president of Every Nation Churches & Ministries, a global church planting ministry,[35] and founder of Victory church[36][125] who considers Cannistraci to be his spiritual father;[27][42][29] in 1992, Murrell implemented a strategic plan for Victory to plant 200 churches in response to Cannistraci's prophetic word.[31]
  2. Jonathan Sebastian of Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach (JCSGO) posts on JCSGO's website Cannistraci's exhortation, prophetic word and instructions after the whole staff rebelled against leadership;[28][125]
  3. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus Is Lord Worldwide,[125][32][33][34] was started in the ministry of Jesus is Lord by Cannistraci according to Gordon P. Robertson,[29] former head of CBN ASIA, Inc..[126]

During the emerging apostolic-prophetic movement, Cannistraci founded four apostolic networks including NCM,[5][16][17][23][18][19] AMI,[38][24][37] and The Antioch Network of Churches and Ministries,[23] which merged with John P. Kelly's apostolic network to form Antioch Churches & Ministries (ACM).[20] ACM raised up apostles to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.[127] Cannistraci was the patriarchal apostle of ACM to "cover" and hold accountable the overseeing apostle John P. Kelly.[20][21] ACM became the "test case" in the emerging apostolic-prophetic movement for a functional transfer of apostolic authority from one apostolic team to the next generation of apostles.[4]

Examples of Cannistraci's prophetic word include the word to Glad Tidings Temple in Canada in 1980 that confirmed the Latter Rain move to help support the restoration of Israel in advance of the Second Coming,[54] the word given with Bill Hamon to Gordon P. Robertson that confirmed his succession of his father, Pat Robertson, as CEO of CBN and co-host of The 700 Club,[29] and Cannistraci's prophetic word to C. Peter Wagner's in the 1990's that confirmed his calling to train leaders in Wagner Leadership Institute.[4]

Published works

Examples of Cannistraci's published works include: 1955: I Married a Miracle,[128] 1983: Your Winter is Over",[129] 2003: New Wine Skins,[130] 2010: Grand Opening Sunday COTR,[131] 2010: The Church Enjoyed Peace,[132] 2011: Take It By Faith,[133] 2011: The Power of Endurance,[134] 2012: Restoration,[135] 2012: 25th Annual International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets,[136] 2013: Wells and Ditches. God is unstopping dry wells!,[137] 2016: Teach Us to Pray,[45] 2017: Grace, Grace!, [138] 2017: It's Time to Cross the Jordan,[139] 2019: Keep Your Fork,[47] 2019: The Greatest Comeback[140]


Examples of honors Cannistraci has received include:

  • Certificate of commendation from the 2020 House of Representatives, State of Hawaii for "lifetime service... to improving the spiritual lives of people throughout the world".[142]
  • Lifetime achievement award presented at Apostolic Leadership Summit, 2020. Apostle C Tribute, 2020.[29]

Personal life

Cannistraci and his wife, Shirley Cannistraci, had three daughters, Sharonrose, LaNell, and Robin.[143][144] Cannistraci and his wife will have been married 65 years on November 5, 2020. They reside in San Jose, CA and maintain a home on the island of Oahu, Hawaii where he continued to minister in 2020.[38]

Political views

In the 1980's, Cannistraci was among the original 100 evangelical leaders who signed the Manifesto for the Christian Church that included a call to action for social reform based on the inerrancy of ecumenical biblical truths.[145] These ecclesiastical documents served as the strategic intellectual foundation for political efforts endorsed by a "long list of Christian Right activists."[146] Cannistraci's co-founder of NCM, Gimenez, invited Cannistraci to pray publicly for the nation at one of the mass evangelical demonstrations at Washington for Jesus in the nation's capital. The 1980 rally was attended by over two hundred thousand evangelicals at the nation's capital city.[147] In 1992, Cannistraci was quoted on national news as stating Bush "comes closer to evangelical standards than Clinton". Cannistraci stated he planned to distribute Christian Coalition's guide to his congregation as the Democratic party had not offered a candidate who supported his church's beliefs.[148]


Pro-abortion supporters protested outside Cannistraci's church, then Evangel Christian Fellowship, during the 1993 Prayer Rally for Operation Rescue's "City of Refuge" campaign, where four hundred Pro-life supporters gathered inside the church to pray and affirm Jesus Christ was the moral authority on abortion of an unborn child.[149]

In the media



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