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Dr. Javad Sajan
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Born1982 (age 41–42)
United Kingdom
Alma mater
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • University of Minnesota

Javad Sajan (born 1982) is an American doctor who practices plastic surgery. He is famous on social media as realdrseattle and runs a plastic surgery practice in Seattle, WA.[1] Dr. Sajan hosts The Plastic Surgeon Podcast [2] where he interviews his current and past patients and other providers about their experiences with plastic surgery to understand the deeper reasoning behind a patient's choice to undergo plastic surgery. He, and his practice, are also featured in a documentary titled realdrseattle on YouTube.

Early life & education

Javad Sajan was born in the United Kingdom and spent his childhood living in various places around the world including Tanzania. His family settled in Wisconsin where Sajan attended the Medical College of Wisconsin. He then completed his residency at the University of Minnesota.[3] Using a CORE Grant, Sajan created the Advanced Facial Simulator which is a facial model used to teach plastic surgery and cosmetic injection techniques.[4] It is the only validated simulator of its kind in the world. Sajan has attended multiple prestiguous fellowships including those from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and most recently attended a training workshop on facial feminization surgery in Spain.


Javad Sajan, MD is a plastic surgeon in Seattle, WA, where his practice, Allure Esthetic, is located. He specializes in plastic surgery of the breast, body, and face. Dr. Sajan is most well known for his work with gender affirming surgeries[5] and the transgender community. As a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), Dr. Sajan follows strict standards of care and learns about the newest gender affirming procedures available.

Facial Feminization

Dr. Sajan performs facial feminization which is a procedure where several facial surgeries are performed at once to feminize a person assigned male at birth's face. He has undergone specialized training in facial feminization surgery by some of the world's leading surgeons in the field. Dr. Sajan is also one of a handful of plastic surgeons who perform facial feminization and gender affirming hair transplant during the same surgical session. An episode of his documentary series focuses on facial feminization and shows the entire process; before, during, and after surgery. [6]

FTM Top Surgery

For female-to-male top surgery patients, Dr. offers varying incision shapes to best fit their body and preferences. This includes straight incisions, curved incisions, and follow-the-pec incisions.[7] He also offers liposuction to top surgery patients to help improve their results when necessary. Along with traditional top surgery, Dr. Sajan also performs no nipple top surgery which involves removing the breasts and not repositioning the nipples. It tends to be popular among non-binary people, patients with a history of healing issues, or smokers.[8]

Dr. Javad Sajan has contributed his expertise in FTM top surgery to several publications including Cosmopolitan.[9][10][11]

Hair Restoration

Using surgical and non-surgical methods, Dr. Sajan helps patients restore hair loss. He offers traditional hair restoration methods such as Minoxidil, FUT hair transplant, and FUE hair transplant; however, Dr. Sajan also offers injections of platelet rich plasma to help stimulate hair growth.[12]

Breast Surgery & Mommy Makeover

Dr. Sajan regularly performs breast augmentation and other cosmetic breast surgeries such as breast lifts, breast revisions, and breast reductions. He is also one of the few plastic surgeons in Washington state to perform and offer transumbilical breast augmentation. When combined with an abdominal surgery, a breast surgery becomes a mommy makeover, and can include more than two surgeries. He discusses mommy makeover surgery with one of his patients on his podcast.[13]

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift surgery uses liposuction to harvest fat from various areas on the body and inject it into the buttocks to provide more projection and shape. Dr. Sajan also offers non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts. Among patients, he is known for combining BBL surgery with a tummy tuck during the same surgical session.[14] He also offers Brazlian butt lift during mommy makeover surgery.


Dr. Sajan hosts quarterly fundraisers and drives for underprivleged children and mothers in the Seattle area. His yearly drives include a Mother's Day Diaper Drive, Back To School Supplies Drive, Thanksgiving Food Drive, and Christmas Toy Drive.[15][16] These are in partnership with his nonprofit the Zera Foundation.

Dr. Sajan offers pro bono surgery to domestic abuse survivors and low-income transgender individuals seeking gender affirming surgery.[17] His medical philanthropy extends to trips to Tanzania with the Zera Foundation where he performs reconstructive surgery for children.


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