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Dr. Erik Goluboff
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Dr. Erik Goluboff is a urologist who has served his community diligently over the last thirty years.[1][2] He is currently the Principal Medical Lead of the drug development program at Genentech/Roche for urologic cancers, but he has held many esteemed positions in the field over his career.[3][4]

Early Life and Education

Dr. Goluboff received his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in biology in 1986 and graduated Magna Cum Laude. He attended Johns Hopkins University for his medical degree and graduated in 1990. In 2015, he furthered his education at NYU's Stern School of Business, earning his MBA and claiming the spot of valedictorian of his class.


Dr. Goluboff is currently working at Genentech/Roche, where he is the Principal Medical Lead for their urologic cancer drug development program.[5] He worked at AstraZeneca as Global Clinical Product Lead for two years where he conducted late stage research and development efforts on bladder cancer.[6] His other notable positions include Director of Urology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/The Allen Pavilion and serving as a Professor of Urology at Mount Sinai.[7][8][9]


Dr. Erik Goluboff has always had a deep passion for being of assistance to others. As a medical practitioner, he gets to do this every day. However, he also enjoys giving back to his community through contributing to donations, events, and other charitable organizations.[10]

In addition, he has opened up the Dr. Erik Goluboff Scholarship for Future Doctors which intends to provide scholarship funding to a student who is working diligently on their way to becoming a doctor.[11][12] In the process, Dr. Goluboff is hoping to also raise awareness to the financial struggles that future doctors face along their journeys into the medical field.[13][14][15]

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