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Domino Earning World - DEW
Domino Earning World - DEW.jpg
Developer(s)R&C Leading Edge LLC
Publisher(s)R&C Leading Edge LLC
  • Jean Franco Rivera
  • Fany Rivera
  • Eduardo Casanova
  • Isabel Gamez
  • Loyder Carvajal
  • Pedro Morese
  • Jesús Ramos
Composer(s)Benjamín Vera
ReleaseApril 2023
  • Skill2Earn
  • NFT Game
  • Online Game
  • Strategy game
  • Skill game
  • Online Dominoes
Mode(s)Single, multiplayer

Domino Earning World better known as DEW is the first online domino game on the Web 3 based on blockchain technology, developed and operated by R&C Leading Edge LLC. R&C Leading Edge is a U.S. registered company and is comprised of the Rivera and Casanova family, united by their passion for innovation and creating unique solutions that can positively impact millions of people. With DEW, R&C Leading Edge has created an innovative online entertainment platform that combines cutting-edge technology with the excitement of the game of dominoes to deliver a unique experience to its users.[1]


Domino Earning World (DEW) is a blockchain-based platform that offers players the opportunity to play skill-based games of dominoes and earn real-world rewards. DEW combines traditional dominoes with modern technology, offering players the chance to buy and create their own NFTs, participate in tournaments, and win real-world monetary rewards.[2]

DEW offers several ways to play, including a free mode where players can test their skills without earning monetary rewards, and a scholarship mode where players can win real-world monetary rewards by playing against other players in real time. Players can also purchase avatars from the marketplace or rent them for a specific period of time.

DEW aims to create a transparent and non-discriminatory gaming environment where players can have fun while earning real-world rewards.


As the leading platform for blockchain-based domino games, DEW has a global community of millions of players who enjoy the thrill of online dominoes. Anyone can join the community today and start earning real-world rewards with their domino skills.

Game modes

The platform offers different game modes, each with its own rules and regulations, providing players with a unique and exciting gaming experience. It allows multiple players to face other players at the same table playing under the same rules and regulations.


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