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Doki Division NFT
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Developer(s)Doki Division

Doki Division NFT is a blockchain-based one of the only female-owned projects featuring Anime inspired artwork in the Zephora metaverse.[1] The artwork is available with over 130 hand-drawn attributes of Dokis. It is one of the earliest attempts to deploy blockchain technology focused only on women.[2]

Their art differs from the animal-type prole picture projects and features an edgier, darker theme of badass women.[3] Our art represents all of the women who take charge and stand out in the financial technology space. The token is limited to only 10,000 Dokis.[4]


The Doki Division NFT storyline is based on the virtual world, the Zephora universe. In a society characterised by the survival of the fittest, Dokis have been stuck over the last 10,000 years in the Zephora.[5] Underworld where citizens must battle for survival and gain strength by consuming the blood of human hearts is shown. The world once was a thriving paradise where Doki's lived in peace, however resources became scarce and survival was very difficult.[6]

The Zephora universe has turned into a strange underworld powered by the blood of the human heart. Dokis will go to any length to satisfy his hunger for a new heart, and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on even a slice of it.

With their greater strength and unrivalled power, the sovereign Nekoid and Akuma species have governed over Zephora for decades, having established their dominance at the pinnacle of the hierarchical ladder millennia ago. The Nekoids and Akumas consume the wealthiest and finest hearts first, leaving the remainder for the middle class – the Nymphs and Aethers – to devour later in the day. The Florans search through the rubble for anything they can save.

There are three classes:

  • High Class: It includes The Nekoids, The Akumas and The Seraphimas.
  • Middle Class: It includes The Nymphs and The Aethers.
  • Low Class: It includes The Florans.


The ownership of Doki Division NFTs are tracked through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.[7] Each Doki Division character is represented as a non-fungible token and they are created programmatically that can be sold or bought through a crypto wallet.[8]

Because of the restricted amount of Dokis that will be put into circulation and the limited number of genomes that will be available, the price of Doki NFTs is predicted to rise significantly in a short period of time.[9]

Roadmap of Doki Division NFT

The Build-Up:

The first phase of the project will build the Doki community through various marketing strategies as well as active engagement within the community across our social platforms.

The Build-Up:

Dokis will be issued in a one-of-a-kind fashion on the official website. Users who have been whitelisted will get access to the project before it will be made available to the general public. In order to create all of the variants, each Doki lady is produced by code, and each one has 120+ distinct characteristics such as hair, tattoos, accessories, clothing, and more.

The Doki Club:

Members of the unique Doki Club will be eligible for free products as well as special rewards such as cash drops, vacation getaways, development sneak peaks, gaming evenings, and other opportunities.

Clothing Line Production + Launch of Doki Boys:

The Doki apparel line, which will include unique Anime/Japanese-inspired designs, will be launched immediately after the minting of Doki Girls. The revenue generated will be used for the future development of the project. The creators will also start working on Doki Boys, a collection of NFTs that will compliment the Doki Girls and will be available only to Doki Girl holders.

Manga and Video Game Adaptation:

This phase will oversee the recruiting of authors and artists to collaborate with the Doki artist on the creation of our own manga adaption, which will be made accessible to our holders at no cost. As part of video game adaption, the team is also experimenting with developers to work together on interesting blockchain features that we can utilise to reward their token holders.


A certain percentage of entire royalties and income will be reinvested into the project, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity, chosen by our community.


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