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Doge Army NFT
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Dogy Army NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique hand drawn NFTs representing highly trained and specialized combat veterans who are working together on the frontlines to see cryptocurrency become the official currency of earth. The holders of the project will be able to stake their NFTs to earn $SHIBDOGE tokens, which are publicly traded on the ERC network. The platform brings DogeCoin and Shiba Inu communities together in one and inserts them into the NFT space.[1]

Perks of Dogy Army NFT include virtual meetings within the metaverse where private holders are given a chance to discuss crypto, NFTs, and strategies with NFT and crypto whales or individuals who hold large sums of investments. Breeding functions are offered to investors, along with whitelist spots towards future projects. The project aims to remove all borders and destroy government controlled monopolies.[2]


The public sale price of a single Doge Army NFT will be 0.15 Ethereum, while the whitelisted sale price for $SHIBDOGE token holders will be .1 Ethereum. The cutoff for whitelisting will happen six hours prior to the official whitelist mint open. The users can deploy their NFT as a profile picture, show it off to their friends and contribute towards the common goal of uniting the worlds of Shiba and Doge. The players can hold their NFT for as long as they like, or sell it in the secondary market just like any digital asset. There is a royalty of 7.5% when the users sell their Doge Army NFT in the secondary market. The funds generated will be used to ensure the longevity of the project. As the project continues through its roadmap, including functions like breeding, the users will be given exclusive access to participate in the evolution of the project. Doge Army is based on a proof-of-stake model in which mint owners can stake their NFTs to the blockchain and earn passive income as well.[3]


As a non-fungible token, Doge Army NFT is completely owned by its holder’s wallet. Holders are free to do with it as they like. Nobody can claim ownership of it since everything is public on the blockchain. If someone takes a snapshot of it, it is deemed a replica. After holders mint their Doge Army NFT, they may see it by linking their crypto wallet to OpenSea. It may also be viewable as an NFT asset in the holder's wallet if the wallet supports this.[4]

Types and attributes

A total of 10,000 Doge Army NFTs will be launched with certain traits make that will make this NFT rarer than others. There are several limited attributes such 1 of 1s, mouth, fur, headgear, outfits, eyes, backgrounds and weapons will be available and the combination of attributes will make the NFT collection rare.

Roadmap of Doge Army NFT

On Launch: It will include 10,000 unique hand drawn Doge Army Artworks, as well as minting dapp. This will cover discord buildout, holder whitelisting, pre-launch marketing, OpenSea listing & verification. Once all NFTs are fully sold, it will include the Tesla Model S Plaid Giveaway and $10,000 worth of $SHIBDOGE giveaway to 10 random people.

Phase 1: This phase will include the second series of 10,000 Unique Hand Drawn Shiba Army Artworks. Once the full-sale of 10,000 Shiba Army NFTs. A public relations agency will be hired and giveaways to the community. A charitable initiative will also take place which will include the community as well.

Phase 2: It will include the complex steps to create SHIBDOGE ARMY NFTs by combining 1 Doge Army and 1 Shiba Army NFT. A lot of new things such as digital goods, merch, and products; as well as a wildcard feature will be added. The community meetings will be held in the meta and the real physical world. By holding NFTs will make its holders earn $SHIBDOGE tokens.



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