Djordje F. Nedeljkovic

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Djordje F. Nedeljkovic
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Novi Sad, Habsburg Monarchy
Died6 December 1899
Novi Sad, Austria-Hungary
  • Philanthropist
  • Merchant

Đorđe F. Nedeljković (Serbian Cyrillic: Ђорђе Ф. Недељковић; Novi Sad, Habsburg Monarchy, 1824 - Novi Sad, Austria-Hungary, 6 December 1899) was a Serbian philanthropist and merchant.


His father was from an old Šid family, while his mother was from the prominent Mačvanski family oriignally from Kamenica. His uncle was the mayor of Novi Sad and judge Pavle Mačvanski.[1]

He finished high school in Novi Sad and Kecskemét|Kechkemet and studied philosophy in Pest. [1]

After graduating, he engaged in trade and ran a large store in Vienna.[1]

Nedeljković made large donations for the needs of the Serbs of Novi Sad. He contributed 500 forints to the construction of a grammar school in Novi Sad[2], gave money to the Association of Serbian Women to help the poor, and directly helped the old and sick citizens of Novi Sad.[1]

He was politically active as a member of the People's Liberal Party. He was also a member of the Matica Srpska, a member of the Serbian Reading Room and an honorary member of the fire brigade.[1]

The following is written in the Monument of the Matica Srpska from 1927 about George: namely, to help literary and educational leaders in a small part of the Serbian people, who at that time had no help from any other side, except themselves."[1]

He was buried in the Assumption Cemetery.[1]


With his will for the needs of the people, he donated 126,000 crowns: "Remembering the Serbian people, from when I grew up and the Serbian Eastern Orthodox faith, in which I was raised, I order and bequeath the following legacies": [1]

  • 20,000 crown (currency) for the fund of the great Serbian Gymnasium (school)}Gymnasium in Novi Sad.
  • 20,000 crowns to the saint Sava in Sremski Karlovci.
  • 10,000 crowns to the Society of St. Sava in Belgrade.
  • 2,000 crowns to the Institute for the Mentally Ill, which was founded in Cetinje at the time.
  • 20,000 crowns to the Serbian Orthodox Church Municipality in Novi Sad.
  • 20,000 kroner to the Matica Srpska for the Djordje F. Nedeljković Foundation for poor Serbian writers of Austria-Hungary: "Assistance will be given to Serbian poor, sick or elderly writers who reside in Austria-Hungary".
  • 10,000 crowns to the Society of the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad for helping actors and actresses. If the theater disappears, then the money goes to develop dramatic literature.
  • 10,000 crowns to the Serbian Women's Cooperative in Novi Sad for heating the premises and for the poor as well as for children's clothes.
  • 2,000 crowns to the Merchants' Hospital in Novi Sad as long as its administration remains in Serbian hands.
  • 2,000 crowns to the municipality in Novi Sad to be distributed to the poor regardless of religion or nationality.

He distributed another 30,000 crowns to individuals.

Private life

His wife was Anastasija Stanković who was related to composer Kornelije Stanković.[1]


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