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Delphi Economic Forum
FormationOctober 2015
FounderSymeon G. Tsomokos
TypeNon-profit organization
HeadquartersAthens, Greece
Official language

Delphi Economic Forum (DEF) was founded in 2016 in Athens, Greece. It is a nonprofit organization that assembles during its annual meetings more than 2,500 attendees[1][2] from finance, science, business, politics and Academy to engage public and governmental institutions, the private sector and civil society in open debates and private discussions.[2][3]

Its annual meeting takes place at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece.[1][4] The forum discusses Geopolitics developments, climate change, finance and more.[5] Its agenda features topics such as: globalization,[6] populism,[7] migration crisis, Artificial intelligence,[8] fake news,[9] security,[10] fin-tech[11] etc.


In 2016, Chairperson Symeon G. Tsomokos, founded the Delphi Economic Forum as a non profit organisation based in Athens. The annual meeting takes place in Delphi, and gathers leader from different sectors.[12][13]

The first Delphi Economic Forum (I) was initiated under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos on 25 February 2016 at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.[14]

Since then the forum is considered a political, social and financial event within the wider region with international appeal.[15] Attendees from 32 countries, and more than 200 media representatives join in the annual meetings.[16]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 5th Delphi Economic Forum 2020 edition became a virtual event, featuring live streaming keynote speeches and discussions with both Greek and international speakers.[17] The four-day digital summit, entitled "The Day After", focused mainly on the impact of the COVID-19 phenomenon across the economy and society. The forum took place virtually in 9–12 June and broadcast its program live from Zappeion Megaron in Athens.[18]


Board of directors

Delphi Economic Forum is governed by a Board of directors. They define the forum's general policy, develop its strategic planning and oversee the organization's work, making sure it always stays Impartiality.[19]

Advisory committee

The Delphi Economic Forum Advisory board Committee gathers a broad range of stakeholders from all sectors of society, provides strategic advice and makes introductions on the agenda as well as suggestions on speakers.[19]

Programming partners

Delphi Economic Forum partners with think tanks and institutions from all over the world. Programming partners suggest topics for discussion and organize sessions with high-profile participants during the annual meeting in Delphi.[20][21] Programming partners include among others the World Bank Group, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Chatham House, the Brookings Institution, the Atlantic Council, and Bruegel (institution).[22][23]


The annual meeting of Delphi Economic Forum takes place in upper central Greece, close to the ancient Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi that was the seat of Pythia, god Apollo's oracle. In ancient times, this was the site of the Omphalos of Delphi, the "navel of the world".[24]


Annual meeting in Delphi

Overview of past meetings
2016 25–18 February Outlook for Greece and the region vision 2020–2030[25]
2017 2–5 March Outlook for Greece and the region vision 2020–2030[26]
2018 1–4 March New globalization and growth challenges[4]
2019 28 February – 3 March The Challenge of Inclusive Growth[27]
2020 9–12 June The day after[17]

Associated and Digital events

Throughout the year, DEF partners with organizations to produce events that elevate cross-sector perspectives and address the most pressing issues on the regional agenda. Such events include: EU Arab World Summit[28] South East Europe and East Med conference,[29] Tirana Economic Forum,[30] Plovdiv Economic Forum,[31] and more.


Past speakers include Head of state,[32][33][34][35][36] senior EU officials,[37][38][39][40] Minister (government), scholars,[41] and business leaders.[15][42][43][44]


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