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David Peck
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David Peck is an international development practitioner,[1][2] consultant, academic lecturer, podcaster, author, and public speaker based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.[3][4] He is the founder of SoChange;[5] a social enterprise focused on building capacity, meaningful public engagement, innovation, and developing leadership and stronger relationships and skills in collaboration with charities, NGO’s and corporations.[6][7][8]


In 2003, Peck received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from York University in Toronto, where he graduated, with Summa Cum Laude. He pursued a Master of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. He focused on his studies in the Philosophy of Science and the work of Michael Polanyi and published his thesis in 2010, Practical Action: Polanyi, Hacking, Heidegger and the Tacit Dimension.[9]


For the past 25 years, Peck has engaged in various professional endeavors.[10] Originally an electrician, Peck has served in sales and as a public engagement specialist for several significant companies, including Bell Canada, The Plan Group and RBC Financial Group.[11][12] David entered the entertainment industry due to a growing interest in sleight-of-hand magic in the 1990s; he became one of the most acclaimed corporate magicians in Canada, having performed for many blue chip companies including, but not limited to Air Canada, IBM, and MasterCard.[13][14][15]


SoChange, founded by Peck in 2008, is a social enterprise through which Peck provides his consultancy services to corporations, charities and NGOs in several areas, including fundraising, capacity building, event planning, partnership facilitation, proposal writing, Public engagement, leadership, and innovative skill development.[16] Over the years, the organization has successfully designed, directed, and implemented projects in 45+ countries in collaboration with 60+ organizations. SoChange Inc has created and implemented several notable events, including Converge, Why Everything Must Change, What’s Next, Beyond GDP and the Mosquitos Suck Tour.[17][18]

Face2Face and Driving Change

Face2Face is a weekly podcast featuring over 500 episodes, hosted by Peck, where he interviews actors, filmmakers, writers, and other artists in an insightful, amusing and entertaining manner.[19] The podcast has amassed millions of listeners in over 20 plus countries.[20][21] He also guest hosts on 640 AM/Global, a popular radio talk show in Ontario. They are a Corus Entertainment Company.[22][23] He is also the host of a new podcast called Driving Change in partnership with the Impact Series,[24] a media company that focuses on driving global change though significant interviews, public engagement and relevant calls to action.[25][26]


Peck is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker on entrepreneurship, international development, innovation, leadership, and social justice issues.[27][28] Owing to his vast philosophical knowledge, he is an active contributor to various articles and publications, such as TheMindMarket and Rabble.ca, through which he shares his expertise on social change and entrepreneurial ideas.[29] He has featured speeches at several national and international events and conferences.[30][31][32]


Peck is the co-editor of Irreconcilable Differences. In 2014, Peck released his first book, Real Change is Incremental, a collection of essays by Peck that elaborates on his interest in philosophy, magic, poetry, comedy, and international development.[33] The book was awarded with the Guild Culture Award for social change in 2015.[34] He has also authored the book Closed for Renovations.[35][36]


Peck is a business school lecturer at Humber College in Hamilton, Ontario. Peck is also the co-creator of the Remi award-winning children’s educational TV show Spellz and was credited as the Global Hero by Verge Magazine in 2009. Peck has also produced Broken Courage,[37][38][39][40] his first documentary film.[41][42][43][44]

Awards and Recognition

  • Credited as Global Hero by Verge Magazine in 2009
  • Awarded the Remi Award for the children’s education TV show Spellz
  • Awarded the World Guild Cultural Award for the book Real Change Is Incremental in 2015
  • Closed For renovations (1990)
  • Real Change is Incremental (2014)
  • Irreconcilable Differences (2015)

In the media


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