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David B. Roundsley
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CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materCollege of San Mateo
  • DBR Design (Founder & partner)
  • Syndrome Sounds (Owner)
  • Munich Syndrome (Producer & musician)

David B. Roundsley is an American musician, graphic designer, and author. He is the founder and partner at DBR Design, specializing in multimedia design. He is proficient in creating logos, corporate identities, websites, covers, and illustrations.[1][2]

Additionally, he serves as the founder and music producer at Syndrome Sounds, an independent music label and publisher, releasing over 12 albums and numerous singles and EPs. His memoir, "Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence," documenting his journey to uncover his birth parents and DNA origins, has earned him significant recognition.[3]

Early life and education

Roundsley was adopted as an infant and spent his formative years in Southern California. At 16, his family relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. From a young age, Roundsley displayed a passion for artistic disciplines, including fine art, graphic design, writing, and music.

Roundsley pursued an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Communications from the College of San Mateo, graduating in 1983. He further honed his skills in graphic and web design, multimedia, and web design at Cañada College (2009–2011) and Foothill College (2003–2006), respectively. He also studied new media at the Academy of Art University in 2003.


Graphic Designer

Roundsley started his career in 1983 as the co-founder and creative director at DBR Design, where he established himself as an expert in graphic design, specializing in web design, branding, and multimedia. With a portfolio spanning logos, corporate identities, book covers, illustrations, and album covers, Roundsley has undertaken numerous projects and designed over 50 websites for various purposes.[4]

In May 1999, Roundsley joined GetSmart as the creative director, contributing significantly to the comprehensive redesign and expansion of the website, which later led to its acquisition by Providian Financial.[5]

Roundsley joined FastFind.com in 2004, where he played a pivotal role in developing vertical offerings, eventually resulting in the company's acquisition by BankRate.com.


In 2001, Roundsley embarked on a music career under the pseudonym Munich Syndrome, releasing 15 albums and numerous singles and EPs characterized by a unique blend of electronic and jazz influences. Tracks like "Quiet Atmosphere" have found commercial success, with placements in campaigns for brands such as L’Oreal's Pureology line. In 2006, he founded Syndrome Sounds, an independent label and music publisher.[6]


Roundsley ventured into literature with the release of his memoir, "Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence," in 2021, chronicling his 13-year search for his birth parents and DNA history. The memoir offers candid insights into his journey and the challenges he encountered along the way. In April 2024, Roundsley released his debut novel, "The HOA," offering a satirical portrayal of life within a fictional Homeowners’ Association.[7]



  • Sensual Ambience (2006)
  • Electro Pop (2008)
  • Electronic Ecstasy (2010)
  • Robotika (2012)
  • Atmospherics 1: Urbania (2016)
  • The World of Tomorrow (2016)
  • Electro Pop 2 (2018)
  • Gray/Scale (2020)
  • Bad Blood (2021)
  • Atmospherics 2: Chill (2021)
  • Nineteen Eighty Something (2023)
  • It Was All A Dream (2023)
  • The HOA (2024)


  • A New Neighborhood (2023)
  • That Last Christman (Eve) (2023)
  • Catwalk (2023)
  • Firestorm for a firebreak (2024)


  • Take Away The Pains (2024)
  • New Day (2024)


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