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Daniel Lesden
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Birth nameDaniel Sokolovskiy
Born (1987-09-27) September 27, 1987 (age 36)
OriginMoscow, Russia
  • Progressive House
  • Techno
  • Psytrance
  • DJ
  • Music producer
  • A&R manager
Years active2011–present
LabelsJOOF Recordings

Daniel Lesden (real name is Daniel Sokolovskiy, born on September 27, 1987) is an electronic dance music producer, DJ, A&R.[1] from Moscow, Russia. He has had releases on such record labels as JOOF Recordings, Perfecto Fluoro, Iono Music, Digital Om Productions, Ovnimoon Records and more. He has performed in Switzerland[2], Hungary[3], United Kingdom[4], Greece[5], Israel[6], Russia[7], and also The Netherlands[8] is being on his upcoming gigs list[9].

Rave Podcast is his monthly mix broadcast on Digitally Imported.[10]

Music career

Daniel Lesden has started his music career as a Psytrance producer, but in 2019 he moved forward musically towards Progressive and Techno music.[11]

Over the course of his career, Daniel Lesden made many guest appearances in various radio shows, hosted by Lisa Lashes[12], Christopher Lawrence[13], Simon Patterson[14], John 00 Fleming[15], and many more.

Charts and press

His second artist album titled '2000 Years Ahead' was the top-selling CD on Psyshop[16] and reached #2 in the Top-100 chart on Beatport[17].

The style change turned into success for Daniel Lesden. The first single he introduced after the shift from Psytrance to Progressive music, 'Breaking From The Shadows', has become the most popular release of JOOF Recordings on Beatport that year[18] and is getting close to 100.000 streams on Spotify[19].

Open To Close sets

In 2019, Daniel Lesden played his first 5-hour 'Open To Close' set to showcase the broad musical palette he's got over the years as a DJ. Later on, in 2020, he played a 6-hour 'Open To Close' set.[20]

Rave Podcast

In February 2011, Daniel Lesden introduced Rave Podcast as his regular mix series. One year later, in November 2012, Rave Podcast became a monthly broadcast on Progressive Psy channel of Digitally Imported radio[21]. It was mainly focused on Psychedelic music at first, and over the past years featured guest mixes from artists like Astral Projection, Vini Vici, Mindwave, Beat Bizarre, Ovnimoon, Flowjob, Sonic Species, and more credible artists.[22]

On September 2018, Daniel Lesden took a break[23] from hosting Rave Podcast, and returned to his duty half a year later[24] with a new format, focusing on Progressive and Techno to reflect his new music direction as an artist.

From now on, Rave Podcast is broadcast every second Friday of each month on Progressive channel of Digitally Imported radio, and also available as a podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify playlist.[25]

A&R duties

In January 2015, Daniel Lesden has been invited as an A&R manager to JOOF Recordings[1], a British underground record label originally set up by John 00 Fleming in 1998. Daniel helps the label team with listening to incoming demos, scouting new talents, and internal communication. He retains this position to the present day.

Advice series

Daniel Lesden is a strong advocate of education in the music industry[26]. In 2015, Daniel has introduced the advice series in his blog where he's answering the questions he gets sent on DJing, production, marketing, business, and more topics of the music industry. As of today, he has written over a hundred educational articles and behind the scenes.[27]

His articles also has been published on DJ Tech Tools[28] and Tinkoff Journal[29]

Rave people

In 2019, Daniel Lesden and his mates created an event company called Rave People, focusing on small underground raves in Moscow[30]. They've managed to run five successful events so far, with the sixth and other planned parties being canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Studio Albums
Year Title Record label
2017 2000 Years Ahead[32] Digital Om Productions
2014 Chronicles Of The Universe[33][34] JOOF V2
Singles and EPs
Year Title Record title
2020 To Be Revealed soon JOOF Recordings
2019 Breaking From The Shadows[35] JOOF Recordings
2019 Constellations (with Tim Bourne) Digital Om Productions
2018 Confront Reality (with Mechanimal) Digital Om Productions
2018 The Last Of Our Kind Iono Music
2017 Existence Digital Om Productions
2017 Arrival Digital Om Productions
2016 Another Earth: Remixed Digital Om Productions
2016 Surreal JOOF Recordings
2015 Enuma Elish[36] JOOF V2
2015 Genesis (with Cosmithex) JOOF V2
2015 Another Earth Digital Om Productions
2015 Life Simulation JOOF Recordings
2015 Thru The Stars Digital Om Productions
2015 Aurora (with Mekka) Borderline Music
2014 Mirai (feat. Spinney Lainey) JOOF V2
2014 Imitation Of Life (with Argonnight) Tandava Records
2013 Space Form Tandava Records
2013 Mars One Synergetic Records
2012 Illusion Of Reality Synergetic Records
2012 Contact Ovnimoon Records
Daniel Lesden Remixes
Year Original artist Title Label
2015 You Are My Salvation As The Horizon Comes Closer Research & Development
2014 Christopher Lawrence, Jonathan Allyn[37] The Human Element Pharmacy Music
2014 John 00 Fleming Healing JOOF Recordings
2014 Whirloop Feel The Effect JOOF V2
2013 Ace Ventura Presence Not On Label
2013 Mac & Monday Yoruba Borderline Music
2013 Lyctum Galactic Society Synergetic Records
2013 Magnus Signal Strength Not On Label

Personal life

Daniel Lesden has double citizenship in Russia and Israel. In 2013 he moved from Moscow to Israel where he lived for five years, and in 2018 he returned back.[38]

In the media



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