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Danica Antić
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Born20 October 1910
Belgrade Kingdom of Serbia
Died14 January 1989
Alma materRoyal Academy of Fine Arts

Danica Antić (Serbian Cyrillic: Даница Антић; Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia, 20 October 1910 - Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia, 14 January 1989) was a Serbian colorist, who was classified between Impressionism and Fauvism. She was a member of the painting group "Ten".


Danica Antić was born on 20 October 1910 [1]in Belgrade, where she finished elementary school and high school. From the beginning of her art education, she had our best painters as professors. Zora Petrović was her professor at the Second Women's Gymnasium "Kraljica Natalija", [2]and from 1931 till 1934, Danica was studying in the private school of our great painter Jovan Bijelić[3]She continued her painting studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and in 1938 after the Group of "Ten" was founded[4]Danica interrupted her studies in Belgrade and went to Paris to live and study.She spent two years there before returning to Serbia just before the outbreak of World War II.

During the war, he joined the National Liberation War and ended the war as a draftsman in the headquarters of the propaganda department of the First Army on the Srem Front. After her release from the military, she resumed her studies of fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the class of Professor Nedeljko Gvozdenović. In the period from 1952 to 1962, she worked as an art pedagogue, and after 1962 until her death, she became a freelance artist. During her work, she took study trips to France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, England, Scotland and Algeria. The works of Danica Antić are kept in public collections: the National Museum in Belgrade and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and the The Gallery of Fine Arts – Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić in Novi Sad, but also other museums and private collections. She died in Belgrade on 14 January 1989.

Painting group "Ten"

The painting group " Ten" (Desetoro) exhibited together in 1940 in Belgrade and Zagreb. The group consisted of Danica Antić, Borivoj Grujić, Nikola Graovac, Dusan Vlajić, Milivoj Nikolajević, Jurica Ribar, Ljubica Sokić, Stojan Trumić, Aleksa Čelebonović and Bogdan Šuput.Although heterogeneous in its composition, the group consisted of 2 women and 8 men, there were academic painters, intellectuals with a university education, but also painters by vocation, they belonged to various social strata from the working class to the bourgeoisie. What this group of Ten had in common was that they were all painters and students of Jovan Bijelić[5]. Some of these artists perished in World War II, and those who survived were significant artists in the postwar period.

Solo exhibitions

During her life, Danica Antić exhibited at 46 group exhibitions in the country and 12 abroad, [6]and her solo exhibitions were:[7]

  • 1954. Belgrade, ULUS Gallery,
  • 1956. Belgrade, Veselin Masleša Gallery,
  • 1963. London, the Yugoslav N.T.O. Regent street,
  • 1967. Belgrade, Art Gallery of the Cultural Center, "Belgrade Motifs",
  • 1968. Belgrade, Club Gallery D. S. I. T.,
  • 1969. Belgrade, exhibition space of the National University "Braća Stamenković",
  • 1969. Belgrade, JNA House Gallery,
  • 1969. Belgrade, Veselin Masleša Gallery,
  • 1969. Rijeka, JNA Exhibition Salon,
  • 1970. Belgrade, Veselin Masleša Gallery,
  • 1971. Kula, Gallery of the Cultural and Propaganda Center "Oil Paintings"
  • 1973. Čačak, Art Gallery "Nadežda Petrović",
  • 1973. Arandjelovac, Pavilion "Knjaz Miloš", an exhibition of paintings,
  • 1973. Berlin, Galerie "MILAN", "Le Bouquet",
  • 1981. Lazarevac, Salon of the Art Gallery "Contemporaries" "March festivities 1981.",
  • 1981. Belgrade, Fontana Gallery, paintings,
  • 1983. Belgrade, Art Gallery of the Cultural Center,
  • 1983. Novi Sad, Rajko Marić Gallery,
  • 1984. Ćuprija, Gallery of the JNA House,
  • 1985. Poplar, Karadjordjev konak Gallery,
  • 1986. Zemun, Stara Kapetanija Gallery,


  • 1955 - "Marigold" Award for the best illustration of a book,
  • 1958 - Federal Award for the Advancement of Art Teaching,
  • 1983 - October Award of the City of Belgrade, Belgrade
  • 1965 - ULUS Award,
  • 1966 - Federal Award at the Exhibition "National Liberation War in the Works of Fine Artists of Yugoslavia",
  • 1973 - "Golden Palette",
  • 1973. - Rovinj Homeland Museum Award,
  • 1974 - First Prize of the Museum of the City of Belgrade at the exhibition "Belgrade Inspiration of Painters",
  • 1975 - Award of the Tourist Association at the exhibition "Belgrade - the inspiration of painters",
  • 1982 - Award of the Museum of the City of Belgrade at the exhibition "Belgrade Inspiration of Painters",
  • 1983. - October Award of the City of Belgrade,

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