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DJ Natural Nate™
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CitizenshipUnited States
Musical career
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  • Electro Breaks
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LabelsBruise Your Body Breaks

DJ Natural Nate™ is an American disc jockey (DJ) and record executive. He is best known for starting the first live radio show Bruise Your Body Breaks and for co-creating the legendary website that was the first live internet video radio station proving the mixes of real djs using Turntables in 2010. helped aspiring DJs become proficient by providing tips and tricks to the industry.[1]

DJ Natural Nate™ rose to further popularity in the music scene with his DJ Natural Nate™ VS Jiggabot music singles.[2] He was listed among the top 50 best break beat DJs in the world, as well as the top 10,000 DJs on the internet ( DJ Rankings )


DJ Natural Nate™ was strongly influenced by the works of Mike Reynolds, Jay Reynolds, and Bruce Davis, among others, as he grew up with Break Dance influences. He developed some significant rug cutting abilities over the years and accompanied many crews at local events as a supporting DJ. DJ Natural Nate™ got his first gig in Wilmington, NC. From there, he decided to move back to Colorado and began performing there.[3]

DJ Natural Nate™ launched the first music production company called Bruise Your Body Breaks, in 1998. BYBB began on Breaks FM in early 2004 with his partner DJ Mike Devious, then went to, where he contributed to many ground-breaking ideas and techniques, including the Bend scratch or Taco scratch, Airplane Pitch Control, and Push/Block/Square Mix.

In collaboration with Jiggabot, DJ Natural Nate™, Damian Doyle launched The Lost Art in 2010 with the goal of teaching others the art of mixing by spotlighting the fantastic artists who create the music we call Breaks / Electro Breaks, and other music genres. DJ Natural Nate™ released his first significant attempt at scripting a full-fledged story with his production Legend the same year. This project took a year to complete and was broadcast live on DJ Natural Nate™ has releases on Underground Music Xperience also.[4]


  • 2008 - 2012: Bruise Your Body Breaks was nominated Best Radio show
  • 2010: DJ Natural Nate™ sets a world record with RecordSetter using Rane’s Serato Scratch as the fastest mix DJ at 133 BPMs.
  • 2010 - 2012: Natural Nate ranked as one of the top 50 Best Break DJs in the world
  • Present: DJ Natural Nate™ is Ranked in the top 50 Best Breakbeat DJ in the world and the best DJ in the top 10,000 DJs in all genres with DJ Rankings


S.No. Title Year Type
1 The Test of Time Anthology 2021 Album (53 Songs)
2 Multiverse 2021 EP (6 Songs)
3 Reaching For You 2022 Single
4 Butterfly 2022 Single


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