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Director(s)Bhavesh Thakkar
Sarthak Bakshi
Platform(s)XinFin Network

DIMO NFT is a one-stop solution that offers business and technical solutions for decentralized blockchain and digital money. The DIMO community began its operations in 2016 and was launched in 2021 to promote community growth by securing finances and assisting people with liquidity growth for blockchains and cryptos. DIMO is also responsible for a few different DApps—for example, XDSea NFT Marketplace and DIMO NFT STUDIO.

DIMO was established with the aim to create a platform that not only helps entrepreneurs make informed business development decisions but also helps them create a strong brand presence that would last a long time, ultimately resulting in greater ROI.

DIMO’s partnership with XinFin yielded incubation programs for NFT makers launching on XDSea.

XDSea is the first NFT Marketplace coming onto the XRC chain in February 2022.


DIMO was created with the aim to help people interested in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and connect them with retail and institutional investors. Since its inception, DIMO has created a number of growth accelerator programs that help budding entrepreneurs to kick start their businesses and gain market traction. Apart from that DIMO also offers enterprise Tip Ups that are curated by industry experts and give entrepreneurs the insightful market information to make business development decisions.

DIMO’s platform also facilitates strategic tie-ups and learning management systems where entrepreneurs can collaborate with various Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT projects. This approach advances the ongoing stride of the blockchain industry as well as promotes overall community growth. Other special features of DIMO include Chain to Chain migration to reduce gas fees on the platform, increase scalability and efficiency.​

DIMO was founded by Bhavesh Thakkar and Sarthak Bakshi.

Mr. Bhavesh Thakkar is the co-founder and CEO of DIMO. He has made an impressive name for himself in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry. Mr. Thakkar has over 20+ years of experience in educational infrastructural development and investment procurement for companies. Mr.Thakkar went to Australia and New Zealand for his studies, and he is known for his staunch and ethical approach, which has earned him global recognition.

Mr. Sarthak Bakshi is the co-founder and CTO of DIMO. He is one of the youngest names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and he started his entrepreneurial journey at age 16, where he headed his family chemical business. By 18, Mr. Bakshi was in charge of heading two companies: one in the chemical industry and one in the mental health sector. Mr. Bakshi then went on to pursue his financial education in Australia, where he was introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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