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Débora G. Barbosa
Born1995 (age 28–29)
Francisco Beltrão, Brazil
Other namesDébora Gomes Barbosa
  • Author
  • YouTuber
Known forSpeaking about geopolitics including a warning of a possible Third World War

Débora G. Barbosa (full name Débora Gomes Barbosa) born in Francisco Beltrão[1] in September 1995 is an author and Brazilian YouTuber that has reached national online fame by speaking about geopolitics including a warning of a possible Third World War since May 2019, gathering half a million subscribers within 12 months. [2] She is also known for being the youngest Latin American employee at Manchester United football club at age 19 in 2014 when she translated two of their top football players at the time, David De Gea and Angel Di Maria.[3] Débora has a Masters in Intelligence and Security studies by Salford University, and has one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in Brazil.[4]


In 2017, Débora was news worldwide due to her revelations against the club, speaking of their love for money over football[5] and revealing the real reasons behind their purchase of Argentinian player Angel Di Maria.[6] On the same year, she published her first book about learning foreign languages on your own and later on a second book on private sector espionage,[7] that can be found today at the library of her university in Manchester, UK,[8] and also found on Amazon.[9]

Currently after tree published books and PhD student in Political Philosophy with a focus in British Cold War propaganda, Débora has been working on growing her online presence by exposing a globalist New World Order that aims to control humanity in a near future, even involving herself in commentaries about the sensitive situation in current Brazilian politics[10]. Part of her work surrounds around exposing the role of intelligence agencies in the world and campaigning against communism and their ideologies worldwide.[11] Débora has interviewed known figures such as former deputy Dr. Robert Jefferson with strong claims against the biggest news corporation in Latin America, Rede Globo, and has been extensively praised by known Brazilian philosopher, Olavo De Carvalho.[12]

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