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Creer Savoir-Faire
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CitizenshipUnited States
  • Entrepreneur
OrganizationIt’s Gorgeous Musique

Creer Savoir-Faire, is an American Entrepreneur and music producer. Founder of It’s Gorgeous Musique, a renowned music label headquartered in Las Vegas, NV with operations in Los Angeles, Washington DC, & Columbus OH and coming artists such as Bullet, Traffic, Thee Kidd, Da Fleet X, LightSkin Bobby, Breadwinner Kane, Mallorei X and others.

Faire has been featured in several media outlets including HipHop Weekly, International Music Magazine, Hip-Hop United, So Be It Magazine, LA Wire, American Reporter, The New York Weekly, and others.[1]


Faire started his career in 2016 when he established It’s Gorgeous Musique, a music label that aims at uplifting the hip-hop community. Since its inception this studio platform has also expanded itself into a radio platform and started multiple hit radio shows such as Devoure’ TV, The Official Happy Hour Show, and Late Night Whispers. Faire has also expanded to own radio stations in Washington D.C, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Under the leadership of Faire, It’s Gorgeous Musique also started an annual award show to pay respect to the culture of music. The company also offers a vast range of services powered with many exclusive resources. As of 2021, the label represents 25 artists and employees spread out over the United States. Throughout his career, Faire established lasting connections in the industry and is continuously dedicated to help talented artists and employees gain recognition. [2][3][4][5][6]

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