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Computer programming is the act of doing a specified calculation (or, more broadly, obtaining a certain computing result). This process is often accomplished by creating and constructing an executable computer programme. Programming includes activities such as analysis, the production of algorithms, the evaluation of algorithms' precision and resource consumption, and the actual execution of algorithms (usually in a chosen programming language, commonly referred to as coding). As opposed to machine code, which is directly executed by the central processing unit, the source code of a programme is written in one or more languages that are understandable to programmers. This is in contrast to machine code, which cannot be understood by humans. Finding a set of instructions that will automate the completion of a job (which may be as complicated as an operating system) on a computer is the goal of programming. This is often done in order to solve a specific issue that has been presented to the programmer. Therefore, becoming proficient in programming often needs knowledge and understanding in a variety of diverse fields, such as the application domain, specific algorithms, and formal logic.

Programming is accompanied by and connected to a variety of tasks, some of which include testing, debugging, maintaining source code, implementing build systems, and managing generated artefacts like the machine code of computer programmes. It's possible that they are regarded to be a component of the programming process; nevertheless, the word software development is often used to refer to this wider process, while the terms programming, implementation, and coding are typically kept for the actual writing of code. Software engineering is the process of combining engineering methodologies with software development best practises. A similar method, known as reverse engineering, is used by designers, analysts, and programmers in order to comprehend and re-create or re-implement.