Colocation and Hosted IT in Hong Kong

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Colocation hosting centres are very popular in Hong Kong as it provides a better secured IT hosting environment with improved internet bandwidth and low latency, reliable power back up and server cooling systems. At a collocation hosting, the companies and individuals own their hardware by renting space in the Data centre with the full ownership and control over the hardware and software configuration, while Hosted IT does not provide such facility.

Colocation hosting is suitable for small and mid-sized companies who desire the characteristics of large IT departments at low cost, where the space is provided on rent for servers and other computing hardware. Hosted IT provides private and shared cloud environments to migrate existing environment into colocation Data Centres. It helps in increasing with a better computing, security, back-up and disaster recovery. Large firms may also require colocation services, they will usually perform their own network connection, security, backup and disaster recovery system. That means they only share the colocation data centre infrastructure and limited smart-hand support.

Colocation data centres are equipped with special features to provide overall security and services to the clients such as security gateway and DDoS protection service. Facilities like fire protection system, racks, cabinets, cages for tenants’ equipment, power cables, air conditioning, water detection, humidity sensors and power back-up.

Colocation Hosting and Hosted IT in Hong Kong

Below is a list of the major companies providing Colocation Hosting and Hosted IT in Hong Kong

Name Website
ACME Communications Telecom Internet Exchange IX
Equinix Hong Kong
TheGigabit Hong Kong