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Colin Rose
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Born (1940-07-07) July 7, 1940 (age 83)
Hampton Middlesex, England
EducationThe London School of Economics
Years active1962 - present
Known for
  • The Accelerated Learning System
  • The Colin Rose Method
Height6 ft (183 cm)
  • Diana nee Woodward
  • Joanna nee Downs
  • Susan (daughter)
  • Helen (daughter)
  • Alexander (son)
  • Catherine (daughter)

Colin Rose (born 7 July 1940; Hampton Middlesex, England) is a British best-selling author, a researcher on both education and health, and the founder of Accelerated Learning Systems.[1][2][3]

Accelerated Learning is based on several decades of brain research and its objective is to teach students how to learn and study more effectively and to help teachers create materials that accommodate different learning styles.[4] This has resulted in a series of books and programmes to teach foreign languages and to improve learning and teaching - including the original book Accelerated Learning, which sold over 500,000 copies world-wide and was translated into over 10 languages.[5]

In 2012 the Accelerated Learning methodology was applied to the learning of English as a Second Language in Poland under the title ‘The Colin Rose Method’ and is now used in over 20 language schools there.[6]

Over the last 20 years Rose has also expanded his interest to author many articles on health and nutrition.[7]

Rose is a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), an organisation that provides practical solutions to social challenges. Rose has worked closely with the RSA to help set up the National Campaign for Learning.[8]

Early life and education

Rose was born in Hampton, Middlesex in England on 7th July 1940. Rose attended Hampton Grammar School. He studied International Economics at the London school of Economics and graduated in 1962.[9]


Soon after his graduation, Rose joined Colgate Palmolive UK and subsequently Alberto Culver. He worked for these companies before co-founding the McCormick Richards advertising agency in 1972. This company was later bought by Publicis Groupe, the world's third largest communications group.

His experience in advertising prompted Rose to take time off to research how people actually remember and learn. Based on that research, in 1976 Rose wrote the book ‘Accelerated Learning and subsequently founded Accelerated Learning Systems.[10]

The organisation initially created a successful series of home study language courses to teach French, German, Spanish and Italian to English speakers. Later it developed books and programmes to help enhance teaching and learning, including Master It Faster, TOC Thinking Skills, a magazine for primary age children called Qwerty and CHAMPS.[11]

CHAMPS is a digital learning-to-learn programme that teaches students effective study skills. Partly based on the concept of Multiple Intelligences, developed by Harvard University’s Howard Gardner, it was adopted by over 1,000 UK secondary schools.[12][13]

In 1996 Rose wrote a programme for parents of preschool children called FUNdamentals, an online programme comprising games and activities for children aged 2-6. The objective is to help parents create a stimulating, active, learning environment for the pre-school years and to develop a full range of abilities. This programme has been adopted by several Polish cities for their own nursery schools.[14]

ALS has published several other books which include Science Fact, The Micro Diet, The Mind and Body Diet, Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century, The Learning Revolution and Creating the Future.[15][16]

Rose is a founding member of the Campaign for Learning which is a joint initiative by The Royal Society of Arts and UK Department of Education, promoting the importance of lifelong learning.[17]

Between 2013-2017 Rose worked with the Polish Academy of Sciences to help create EduScience, an E.U. funded programme to enhance the teaching of science and mathematics in Polish schools.[18]

In 2014, Rose co-founded The Institute of Colin Rose, a language school in Warsaw. The school incorporated Accelerated Learning methodology to teach English as a Second Language. It has now over 20 branches across Poland.[19]

Rose has also consulted on improved training methods for a number of companies that include AstraZeneca, PricewaterHouseCoopers, and IBM.[20][21]

In 1985 Rose co-founded Uni-Vite Nutrition Ltd. The company initially developed low calorie diet foods under the brand name the Micro Diet. After trials at the University of Surrey, the products were successfully sold in 14 countries including the USA and The Micro Diet became the best-selling diet programme in Japan. In 1992, Rose was invited to work on the UK’s This Morning TV show presenting the psychology of weight control.[22]

Following a life-long interest in health and nutrition, Rose edited the book Health Defence written by Dr, Paul Clayton, the then President of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine.[23] This prompted Rose to found Uni-Vite Healthcare Ltd which now offers a small range of health supplements, that includes Nutrishield a supplement for the over 50’s.[24]

In 2020 Rose wrote Delay Ageing – a book for the lay-person which summarises the latest work of researchers on ageing around the world - and which shows how human health-spans can be extended.[25]

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Personal life

Rose married Diana nee Woodward in 1962 and the couple have two daughters Susan and Helen. Rose and Woodward divorced 1985. Rose re-married in 1986. He and his second wife Joanna nee Downs have a son Alexander and a daughter Catherine.

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