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Colin McGuire
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CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materIllinois State University
OrganizationBoomn (Co-founder & CEO)

Colin McGuire is a distinguished American entrepreneur, customer acquisition expert, and keynote speaker who has made a name for himself in the business world through his innovative ideas and achievements. He is the founder and CEO of Boomn, a DTC growth agency, and has worked for several leading companies in the past, including Hawke Media, Techweek, Encore Repair Services, and Lemme Insurance Group.[1][2]

McGuire is highly skilled in customer acquisition, brand strategy, and sales management and has successfully incubated and grown numerous e-commerce brands to new heights. He is a recognized keynote speaker and author on topics such as content creation, digital advertising, e-commerce, and DTC brands and consumers. McGuire has been featured in several high-end industry publications, such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine.[3]


McGuire completed his bachelor’s degree in politics, government, and business administration from Illinois State University in 2013. During his graduation, McGuire started his first business, which was a branch of College Works Painting. Through this venture, he taught business lessons to college students and branch managers, making them successful entrepreneurs. McGuire devised a sales and marketing system that trained managers in executing successful sales strategies and starting and growing businesses.

McGuire later started a t-shirt business and created Facebook ads for it. After realizing the importance of a strong customer acquisition strategy, he recognized the true potential of e-commerce. In 2013, he founded ViroCart Holdings, an e-commerce portfolio company that built and grew direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands.


After completing his graduation, McGuire joined Encore Repair Services, Inc. as the business development manager.[4] There, he developed a web-based partnership program for big box retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, and Cricket Wireless to buy back used smartphones and tablets from consumers. He developed the brand strategy, business plan, lead generation model, and sales process. McGuire trained and managed a team of three business development representatives and the entire RePlay division at Encore Repair Services.[5]

In May 2014, McGuire joined Lemme Insurance Group as a risk management broker. He developed professional liability insurance solutions for mid-sized law firms by creating sales and prospecting strategies, assessing unique risk exposures, and taking the risk profile to international insurance markets. He managed the entire product life cycle and was responsible for developing new business, servicing the client, and finalizing the working relationship.[6][7]

In 2015, McGuire joined Techweek as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. He collaborated with marketing executives to create brand and marketing activations, developed an inbound lead generation system, and created an end-to-end customer experience.[8] He also developed marketing solutions to drive growth and managed marketing channels and the customer experience.[9]

McGuire joined Hawke Media as the Vice President of Business Development in April 2016 and worked in that position until February 2017.[10]

In 2017, he co-founded Boomn, a leading e-commerce portfolio company that incubates and acquires direct-to-consumer brands and grows them to new heights. Boomn is widely recognized as an ROI-focused marketing agency that hosts a portfolio of e-commerce brands through strategic investments and acquisitions.[11]

McGuire is also a keynote speaker, having spoken at various events, industry conferences, and workshops about content creation, e-commerce, digital advertising, and DTC brands and consumers. He is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC).[12][13]

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