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CodeLaunch is an national, no-equity startup accelerator competition between individuals and groups with software technology startup ideas[1]. The inaugural event was held in 2012 in Frisco, Texas and has helped launched 22 startups, including Park Up Front[2], ProsRent[3], Cortex[4], KidStrong[5], and more.

Applications and Selection Process

Each year, from March 1st to June 30th[6], competitors can submit their software ideas through the CodeLaunch website[7]. Each application includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement to protect both the applicant and their concept[8]. The competition is free to enter[9] and applicants are not required to forfeit any equity upon winning. The competition is open to anyone, regardless of location and accepts international[10] and student applications[11][12].

After the June 30th application deadline[13], a vetting and selection process[14] is performed by a CodeLaunch selection committee to thoroughly analyze and evaluate each application.

The selection committee will announce a number of quarter finalists on July 8th. The quarter finalists are assessed based on a number of criteria, including, but not limited to size of project, marketability, financial feasibility, and business acumen of founding team.

Based on these factors, approximately 30 semi finalists will be selected and announced on July 22nd. The semi finalists are invited to present their Sales Pitch|pitch[15] in-person or via video conference between August 3rd and August 14th.

The selection committee will then narrow the semi finalists down to 5-7 finalists. The finalists will be announced on August 17th and each will be eligible to present their startup concept on stage to a crowd of investors, business owners, and more.

Pitch Day

Pitch Day[16] is September 10th where each of the CodeLaunch finalists have the opportunity to present their startup concepts. Between 3 and 5 judges[17] are selected each year, each of whom have experience and credibility in the field of entrepreneurism. It is customary for the prior year's overall CodeLaunch winner to participate in the following year's event as a judge.

The finalists perform in a random order and are given timed windows during which to deliver their pitch to the judges, investors, and other attendees. The judges are given the opportunity at the end of each pitch to ask professional but challenging questions. Upon conclusion of the last pitch, the judges assign winners of predesignated trophies, such as "Most Financial Potential" or "Most Social Impact", and Code Authority announces the winner(s)[18] which receive a professional hackathon[19] and additional seed services.

Professional Hackathon

Each winning finalist is paired with a team of professional software developers who will simultaneously design, build, and test the application of software based on the startup's conceived product, with the goal of making a vast leap in product development progress within 72 hours.[20]

Previous Winners

Year Finalists Overall Winner(s) Notable
2012 JayMed Technology[21], School Office Pro JayMed Technology, School Office Pro incubated[22] and awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in services, infrastructure, mentoring, product development, sales support, and more. School Office Pro raised over $400,000 during the incubation period.
2013 RentEval[23], VarsityQuad[24], Well Being Challenge, Show Ready Services, Fluid Pro, Wingman RentEval RentEval received $125,000 in MVP development services and was acquired by a third-party in 2014. RentEval was the first CodeLaunch "exit".
2014 InspireVive[25], eCharts[26], Emigo, GS, Tyler Divorce Guide InspireVive InspireVive was awarded $85,000 in MVP development services and was the first finalist not from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
2015 Key2Close[27], QuickTrades, Skrible, Pyli, SalesFlash, A.A.L[28]. Key2Close Key2Close was awarded $75,000 in MVP development services and were the first out-of-state winner (Idaho).
2016 Park Up Front[29], ProsRent[30], Downstream Diesel, StyleRow, VirtualVue Park Up Front, ProsRent Park Up Front and ProsRent both received MVP development services.
2017 Cortex[31], Common Edits[32], EnrichHer[33], ClickDitto[34], HoneyComb, CHDR Cortex Cortex was awarded a 3-day professional hackathon and MVP development services.
2018 KidStrong[35], CountertopSmart, RaceIQ, Sonimark, Anona, GotSpot[36] KidStrong, CountertopSmart KidStrong and CountertopSmart were each awarded a 3-day professional hackathon and MVP development services.
2019 3GStrong[37], Charachorder[38], MEU Swipe, MATEREO, Happy Family 3GStrong, Charachorder, MEU Swipe 3GStrong, Charachorder, and MEU Swipe were all awarded a 3-day professional hackathon and MVP development services.


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