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Christopher M. Naghibi
Christopher M. Naghibi
Born (1980-06-28) June 28, 1980 (age 43)
Enid, Oklahoma
Other namesChris Naghibi
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Banker
  • Attorney
  • Real Estate Entrepreneur
Years active1999 – present
  • Black Crown Inc
  • First Foundation Inc. (NASDAQ: FFWM)
Known forFounder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Crown Inc., Chief Credit Officer of First Foundation Bank

Christopher M. Naghibi is an American licensed attorney, real estate broker, general contractor and speaker. Naghibi is known for founding Black Crown Inc., a disruptive ideology based real estate company that offers real estate brokerage, property management and related legal services with a concierge level personal touch and heavy focus on delivery via the latest technology. Apart from Black Crown Inc., Christopher M. Naghibi also holds the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of First Foundation Bank. Previously, he has also held positions at First Fidelity Funding, United States Financial Services and Impac Mortgage.[1][2]

Christopher M. Naghibi has an extensive background in a myriad of unique lending platforms and is considered as a leader in large volume scalable institutional operations. Naghibi is widely known for his expertise in measuring and managing aggregate risk as it relates to real estate, consumer and commercial credit, property management and real estate law with a heavy focus on multifamily, commercial and single-family residence real estate brokerage and lending, private banking, consumer lending and small business, middle market, and shared national credit lending.[3][4]


Christopher M. Naghibi completed his Associate of Arts in Biology, General from Irvine Valley College in 1999. After completing an associates degree, he attended University of Southern California to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Biological Sciences. In 2002, Naghibi displayed an interest in law, he joined Trinity Law School. Even after starting his professional career, he continued education and he first completed a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2010 and a Masters in Business Administration  from American Heritage University in 2011. Naghibi officially became a Yale University alumnus in 2018 when he graduated from the Yale School of Management’s Global Executive Leadership Program (YGELP).[5]


Christopher M. Naghibi has vast experience in working with several lending platforms, he started his professional career in 1999 as assistant vice president and director of national sales at First Fidelity Funding, a mortgage provider. He remained with First Fidelity until 2001, Naghibi was appointed Vice President, Chief Underwriter / Asset Manager of United States Financial Services. He continued garnishing his experience in lending platforms and created an extensive background in lending and banking services for both small scale business and as well as middle market lending.[6][7]

In 2006, Naghibi joined Impac Mortgage Corp. in August 2006 as MFR/CRE Credit Administration. A year later, he was an Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of First Foundation Bank. Christopher M. Naghibi was responsible for measuring and managing the aggregate risk in the Bank's loan portfolio by overseeing the bank’s real estate, consumer and commercial credit, monitoring, underwriting, processing and collection policies, procedures, and processes ensuring appropriate mitigation of the risks inherent in the portfolio. [8]

In Feb 2019, Christopher M. Naghibi started his entrepreneurial career and launched Black Crown Inc., a disruptive ideology based real estate company that offers real estate brokerage, property management and related legal services with a concierge level personal touch and heavy focus on delivery via the latest technology. He brought together a team of subject matter experts from different industries to offer diverse business solutions to the ever growing real estate industry. Naghibi serves as Chief Executive Officer for the company and while he has not publicly acknowledged his affiliations, it has been long rumored that the company serves a wide variety of celebrities and high-net worth individuals. Naghibi has stated that Black Crown Inc. goes to great lengths to control the ecosystem of services and leverages that control to provide the privacy and anonymity that many of its clients demand.[9]

Christopher M. Naghibi speaks frequently at industry events on the topics of real estate, lending and fintech. He is fluent in Farsi, Japanese, and Spanish language.[10]

Licenses and certifications

Christopher holds a number of licenses and certifications

Licenses Organization Industry Notes
OCAR Member Broker, REALTOR Orange County Association of Realtors Real Estate
NAR Member Broker, REALTOR® National Association of REALTORS® Real Estate
OCBA Attorney Member Orange County Bar Association - CA Bar Association Issued May 2018 - Expires January 2021
Real Estate Broker Bureau Of Real Estate Real Estate
General Building Contractor (Class B) Contractors State License Board Real Estate
Attorney State Bar of California Bar Association


Christopher M. Naghibi is known for providing pro bono legal work for families and individuals who struggle with financial literacy and is often seen working with Habitat for Humanity, an international NGO to create unique loan programs to help needy families purchase homes in Hawaii, Las Vegas and California. He has explicitly declared to expand his local non-profit support to work with organizations that benefit children with rare diseases through his Gentlemen’s Coalition endeavor.[11]

Naghibi also sits on the board of She Built This City, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that accelerates and finds holistic approaches in order to empower women of all ages to create a framework for enhancing their career in the construction and manufacturing trades.[12]

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