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Chris and Jasmin
Chris and Jasmin.JPG
Chris Foster 15 May, 1994, Pakistan
Jasmin Gomez: 02 October, 2002 El Salvador
CitizenshipUnited States
OccupationContent creators
Known forNaked towel prank

Chris and Jasmin are an American duo best known for their TikToks and lavish lifestyle social media posts. The couple’s posts cover a wide range of lifestyle content ranging from travel snaps, couple goals, humorous pranks, and aesthetic living.[1]

The duo has over 100K subscribers on TikTok and is best known for their Naked towel prank that went viral. Since then they have gained recognition for their quirky TikTok videos launched under the handle Chrisandjasmin. They are regarded as one of the leading couple advertisers, vastly popular for their eclectic lifestyle.[2]

Early life and education

Chris was born on 15 May 1994 in Pakistan and Jasmin on 2 October 2002 in El Salvador. Where Chris holds an associate's degree in business administration, Jasmin is currently studying in college to become a Business Lawyer.

The couple began making TikTok in early 2021 and gained instant popularity for their hilarious and original content. Within a year, they garnered 50 million views on their social media and more than 100k subscribers on TikTok.


Prior to starting his career as a social media influencer, Chirs worked in the telemarketing and IT industry. He also ran a cell phone and computer repair business. Later he entered the music industry, which led him to start doing funny and entertaining videos for TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Jasmin on the other hand moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling and even worked with a few agencies, but soon realized her dream of becoming a business lawyer and enrolled in college to do so.

Chris and Jasmin started creating social media content in 2021 after they both fell in love at first sight while shooting for a music video. The duo rose to popularity with their 'NAKED TOWEL PRANK,' which went viral on Tiktok and has over 12 million views. Following that video, their account began to expand and is still growing. As of 2022, Chris and Jasmin are creating comedy and lifestyle content, earning over $20,000 per month.

Personal life

Jasmin is passionate about playing soccer. She was also a member of the soccer team during her high school. Chris is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, English, and Hindi.

In the media



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