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Born (1972-06-05) June 5, 1972 (age 52)
Tigre, Argentina
Alma materUniversity of Salvador
OrganizationCozinha Divina
Spouse(s)Tâmara Castelo
AwardsGourmand World Award

Chakall is an Argentinian Chef born on June 5th, 1972 in Tigre (Buenos Aires province).

He is the head of "Cozinha Divina"[1], a catering and event company founded in 2001 and also the chef and owner of many restaurants in Portugal:

  • El Bulo Social Club opened in 2016 (Marvila, Lisbon)[2],
  • O Refeitorio do Senhor Abel e Heteronimo BAAR opened in 2017 (Marvila, Lisbon)[3],
  • Areal Beach Bistrot by Chakall opened in 2017 (Areia Branca, Lourinhã),
  • L'Origine opened in 2019 (Parque das Nações, Lisbon)[4],
  • Otto Fisch opened in 2019 (Santo André, Alentejo),
  • Luz By Chakall opened in 2019 (Benfica, Lisbon)[5].

At the same time, he is a consultant chef at Bom Bom [6]and Roça Sundy [7]restaurants in São Tomé and Príncipe.

He is a regular contributor to many TV cooking shows around the world and has published several books about gastronomy translated into multiple languages.



He studied journalism at the University of Salvador (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and worked as a journalist for El Cronista, a daily newspaper, for 7 years[8].

He then wrote music reviews for Rolling Stone magazine but, still looking for his path, he decided to go on a road trip through Latin America, Europe and Africa. He came back with the desire to pursue a career as a Chef.

Self-taught and from the fourth generation of cook established in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain, he learned to cook at his family restaurant run by his mother and then broadened his knowledge during his many trips around the world.

Back from Africa, he adopted the "turban" which would never leave him during his public appearances and which would quickly become his emblem.


He had 3 children from a first relationship and then a 4th with his current partner Tâmara Castelo[9].

Television broadcasts

  • Sabores Divinos: Culinary show presented by Chef Chakall on the Portuguese channel SIC Mulher (2008)[10].
  • Chakall e Pulga: Chef Chakall presents on SIC Mulher the culinary specialities of Portugal with his dog Pulga (2010-2012)[11].
  • Kitchen on the Silk Road: A 13-episodes cooking show produced for National Geographic and broadcast in the 300 millions viewers Chinese channel CCTV (2010).
  • Walking Chopsticks: Culinary show starting in 2011 and broadcast in China on CCTV for 4 seasons.
  • Lanz Kocht!: appearances on the German channel ZDF (2011).
  • Com uma Pitada de...: Chef Chakall presents Portuguese recipes with local musicians on the Portuguese channel SIC Mulher (2013-2014)[12].
  • Beef Buddies: Chef Chakall presents a program dedicated to meat with Frank Buchholz and Tarik Rose on the German channel ZDF Neo (2013-2015)
  • Chakall na Quinta: Chef Chakall presents Portugal's culinary specialities on the Portuguese channel SIC Mulher (2014-2015).
  • Chakall y Mangú: Chef Chakall travels and cooks in the Dominican Republic with his dog Mangú (2017).
  • Let's Dance 2018: German television programme on RTL (2018).
  • Frescos in Prova: Chef Chakall presents recipes based on fresh products on the Portuguese channel SIC Mulher (2018)[13].


  • Cozinha Divina - Edition Oficina do Livro - 2007[14]
  • Quatro Estações - Edition Oficina do Livro- - 2009[15]
  • Chakall kocht: Schnelle Rezepte für gute Laune - Edition Dorling Kindersley Verlag - 2010
  • Portugal Revisitado - Edition Oficina do Livro - 2010[16]
  • Natural by Chakall - Edition Oficina do Livro - 2011
  • Cozinhar com prazer - Edition Civilização Editora - 2011[17]
  • Cozinha de Chakall - Receitas rápidas para o bom humor - Edition Senac São Paulo - Brasil - 2011[18]
  • Food on the Silk Road - Qingdao Publishing House - 2012
  • Walking Chopsticks: Guangdong culinary journey - Qingdao Publishing House - 2013
  • Walking Chopsticks: Ningxia Gourmet Tour - Qingdao Publishing House - 2013
  • Walking Chopsticks in Hebei - Qingdao Publishing House - 2014
  • Beef Buddies: Das Kochbuch für echte Kerle - Frank Frank Buchholz, Chakall, Tarik Rose - Edition Neuer Umschau Buchverlag - 2014[19]
  • 10 por 10 - Edition Oficina do Livro - 2014
  • Chakalls Sudaka: Südamerikanische Trendküche - Edition Dorling Kindersley Verlag - 2015[20]
  • Grill with Chakall - Editions in German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Polish - 2017


  • 2007 Best Portuguese Cookbook - Cozinha Divina
  • 2007 London, Best Innovative Cookbook
  • 2008 Frankfurt, Best Book -Cozinha Divina
  • 2008 Gourmand World Cookbooks Award
  • 2009 Prémio de melhor programa de culinária da China - Kitchen on the Silk Road
  • 2010 Gourmand World Cookbooks Award
  • 2011 Paris, Best celebrity Chef cookbook
  • 2017 Chakall y Mangú: Best TV Series Worldwide
  • 2019 Macau, Gourmand World Award (Food Person of the Year et Best TV Host)

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